Scandal Review: More Cattle, Less Bull

Scandal Review: More Cattle, Less Bull

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 5 – “More Cattle, Less Bull”.

“We got Poped, sir.” - Cyrus’s Bitch Boy

What an episode! While other shows were working on being spooky this week Scandal offered one of its tightest, moving episodes to date; a perfect balance of procedural, serialized drama, and soap operatic love story. In short, a perfect Scandal episode.

But obviously there’s only one thing we all want to talk about: Phoebe Buffay for president! It was clear that Congresswoman Josie Marcus was fast becoming a contender, so it was time to fix her little secret baby problem. And who else could solve a problem like Maria a secret baby than Pope and Associates?

Harrison and Abby could pay off the entire state of Montana (which seemed to be their only plan) and that secret still would have found its way out. If Josie was serious about becoming president she was going to have to come clean. But she claimed she didn’t want to become president as much as she wanted to protect her sister, I mean daughter. Yep, tale as old as time: young girl gets pregnant, mother covers it up by raising it as her own, and girl grows up thinking her mother is actually her sister.

Josie finally relented and when she was ambushed at a primary debate she gave an amazing speech (especially for one completely unrehearsed) that completely derailed everyone’s campaigns against her. It had me rooting for her. In fact it will probably take a lot of convincing for me to believe Fitz is in any way better suited for the office than her. Or anyone. I don’t know how many people have to tell Cyrus and Mellie the truth before they hear it; Fitz doesn’t want to be president.

So I repeat, Phoebe Buffay for president! No, that’s not what you wanted to talk about?

Then let’s talk about how the most romantic speech this show has ever seen (and it has some stiff competition) was delivered by Mellie to Olivia. Seeing Olivia nearly losing it waiting for Fitz to call was romantic enough, but having Mellie beg Olivia to come back as campaign manager had me in tears. Mellie has fought tooth and nail and created many of the problems she’s now trying to fix because she refused to admit her husband was in love with Olivia Pope.

What it took for her to come to Olivia and verbalize everything everyone has always known is astounding. In effect, she accepted defeat. Olivia can vet all the jokes she wants, but that is single greatest act of love a woman has ever shown Fitz. Mellie made sure he would have what he needed, no matter how much it hurt her.

And that about wraps it up for this episode. Ok, just kidding. We can talk about Operation Remington now.

After a few days of snooping Huck and Jake finally found the truth. Operation Remington was a cover-up for what Fitz was actually doing that night. Namely, for when he was shooting down a commercial airliner killing everyone aboard… including Olivia’s mother.

I’m thinking it’s a good thing Josie gave Olivia the night to think about her decision. After Huck and Jake’s revelation I’m thinking working for Fitz’s campaign is looking less idyllic.

Will Olivia actually blame Fitz for her mother’s death? Could Rowan have any information that could justify this revelation? When and on whom will Baby Huck use her new toy? And most importantly, if you had to vote right now, would you go with Josie Marcus or Fitz Grant? Let me know, fellow Gladiators!


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