Revenge Recap: Sin

Revenge Recap: Sin

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 2 – “Sin”.

It really looked this week like Revenge was getting back to its roots with the red sharpie. Last week’s season three premiere saw the sharpie return to cross out Ashley’s face and this week we were introduced to Paul Whitley, a former Grayson Global employee who was responsible for convincing so many people to turn on David Clarke.  And the red sharpie came out again.

Except Paul wasn’t like the other X-ed out faces in Emily’s revenge box. In the years following the framing of David Clarke Paul quit his job and dedicated his life to the church by becoming a priest.

So rather than another episodic takedown, “Sin” dealt with the question that could only go unanswered for so long; when does the revenge stop being justified and start being just as evil as what Emily is seeking revenge for. Does Emily consider herself exempt from the justice she wields? She’s said before and restated again that she doesn’t expect to be forgiven, but how much of what she does can she keep justifying?

Despite the fact Paul seemingly realized his sins and made an effort to atone for them, Emily insisted that he deserved to be taken down just like the corrupt politicians and immoral journalists before him. Nolan attempted to sway her, even going so far as to reread the last passage in the Papa Clarke journals begging his daughter to forgive the people that had wronged them and attempt to live a happy life.

But the ghost of Papa Clarke wasn’t the only one preaching some truth to Ms. Thorne. Since Jack returned to Montauk he has made it clear that he sees no difference in the havoc the Graysons caused and the havoc Emily has caused in the name of revenge. This week, after Charlotte showed up with her many, many issues Jack again placed the blame on Emily’s shoulders. She’s doing this in the name of family, but somehow forgot that Charlotte is the only family she has left.

All these words, plus witnessing first hand some of Father Paul’s good work, Emily finally realized that blind vengeance might not always be the best choice. Unfortunately, she realized too late and the staged pictures of Paul and woman in compromising positions had already made it into his boss’s hands.

Then the strangest thing of all happened. As Emily was lighting a prayer candle and apologizing to her father, Conrad showed up in search of a little spiritual healing of his own. Still convinced he’s dying, Conrad has finally started reflecting on his life. Sure, it took some kind words from Father Paul and a lot of disgust from Charlotte (who recently learned her father knew about the bomb that killed Declan), but he still got there.

Emily had just realized that people were able to atone for their sins without her help and in comes Conrad admitting that he had made mistakes and his karma may just be catching up with him. Could Emily finally be seeing the light at the end of her revenge tunnel? Maybe, but she’s gonna need some help – from the man she just took down.

But Emily wasn’t the only one making progress on her revenge plans. For now it looks like Aiden is serious about his plans to destroy his former love. Although I still think if he were actually serious he would just tell Victoria the whole truth rather than this half-truth he’s currently perpetuating. For now he has only told Victoria that Emily, along with himself and Nolan, stole the Grayson family fortune.

Could he seriously be so upset she wouldn’t give up her plan for him that he would sabotage it so badly? Last season he told Nolan that he wanted to help Emily finish her revenge and then be there for her when she saw that it didn’t actually help anything. I’m holding out hope this is still a part of that plan.

Last Thoughts:

It didn’t take long for Margaux to make her move, but surprisingly Daniel turned her down. I guess he isn’t his father’s son after all. I would have been upset if Daniel had fallen for Margaux’s French-ness, but the fact he didn’t is kinda sad. He truly loves Emily and she’s only using him. What is this? Feeling sorry for Daniel and Conrad in one hour?? I’m getting soft.

After a typically uncomfortable Grayson family dinner debuting Patrick to the rest of the clan, Emily attempted to “flip” Victoria’s first born. But he turned her down flat, thus dashing my own hopes that he was a part of Emily’s plan all along.  Of course that doesn’t mean I buy that he’s actually Victoria’s son. If I’ve learned anything in he last two seasons its that no one comes to the Hamptons without an agenda and a grand plan.

How many revelations can Charlotte and Daniel have about their parents? You’d think at some point they’d be able to retain the information they are the scions of evil.

Nothing compares to a Victoria/Emily face off (“thank you for pouring sugar in that wound”), but a Victoria/Nolan face off came pretty close.


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