Revenge Recap: Control

Revenge Recap: Control

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 5 – “Control”.

This episode may be entitled “Control” but this season is clearly all about Emily’s lack of it. With the Graysons stripped of their money and power, Daniel taking steps towards being a functioning person away from his parents and Nolan entering yet another doomed relationship with a psychotic killer its becoming increasingly difficult to believe Emily is still in control of her own plan. It certainly is getting increasingly difficult to root for her.

All we know about Emily’s plan is that it’s crucial for her to marry Daniel. I’m not a fan of the resident dilettante more easily swayed than a swing in a soft breeze, but he is innocent in the plan to frame David Clarke. He was a child. Lying to make a man fall in love with you only to use him to ruin his family is pretty messed up and pretty unforgivable. This week he finally realized he knew nothing about his fiancé, but one well-timed truth (and a stolen family photo from Fauxmanda) had him wrapped around Emily’s finger once more. Daniel isn’t perfect, but he doesn’t deserve the years of lies he has endured.

Where does Emily’s heart (if she has one) truly lie? This week, thanks to Victoria’s meddling, Emily was faced with a choice, warn Jack about the Graysons’ renewed vendetta or repair her relationship with Daniel and stand by his side at his magazine launch. She chose Jack, much to the ire of Aiden who was charged with tracking her by Victoria. Once again picking her childhood sweetheart over her revenge plan. If she consistently chooses him over what she’s dedicated her life to, doesn’t that indicate it’s not too late for her to give this up and be happy?

Aiden had put a lot of effort into getting Jack out of the picture. Clearly if a man isn’t motivated to move after two deaths and the realization he’s in the middle of a tangled web of lies and deception, a little late night warning of yet another frame job courtesy of he Graysons isn’t going to change his mind now.

Clearly Aiden’s jealousy had become a problem and suddenly Emily was professing her love for him. I’m firmly team Aiden, but the timing of her sharing seems suspect. She needs Aiden to enact whatever this plan is and she could only ensure he wouldn’t go rouge again by stroking his ego and giving him some sugar. I want to think that Emily wouldn’t play Aiden like that, but I wouldn’t put it past her at all.

The major revelation this week was who tried to kill Conrad. Like I said, the list of suspects was long, but Aiden and his super snooping narrowed it down to someone who had the access code to the garage, aka one of the Grayson children. Cue a tearful Charlotte returning to her father’s side to confess she had tried to kill her him. But Conrad forgave her and felt grateful because it had finally brought them back together. Just to recap, he was glad she tried to kill him and actually succeeded in killing a priest if that’s what it took to bring her back to him. The Graysons; they’re not like us.

But the actual culprit was Patrick. Victoria was only covering for her eldest son... by framing her daughter. I’ve never trusted Patrick and his motive for wanting Conrad dead only proves this his intentions with Victoria are sinister at best. So clearly he’s a perfect match for Nolan.

At this point the only relationships we’ve seen Nolan have have been ruined thanks to Emily’s revenge plan. At this point Nolan is Emily’s only friend, but how much can a person take before they throw in the towel? Emily has always known she was ruining her own life with this vendetta, but when will its impact on everyone else’s life sink in?


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