Series Premiere: Brooklyn Nine-Nine more of a Six-Six

Series Premiere: Brooklyn Nine-Nine more of a Six-Six

I didn’t have high hopes when I first tuned in to FOX’s new comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. One, I didn’t believe that Andy Samberg’s brand of humor could be the center of a show. Two, I didn’t see a cop show being an endless well of jokes. Somehow murders and muggings never sound that funny. Third, and most importantly, the previews were super lame. If you can’t find enough funny for thirty seconds what can you do with thirty minutes?

So with these extremely low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t perfect and it’s certainly an acquired taste, but there was some raw material that can be worked with.

Premises are fine, but when it comes to separating the successful comedies from the flops it always comes down to characters. If the creators can craft truly funny, interesting, and unique characters the situations hardly matter. Samburg’s Jake Peralta is another jokester with Peter Pan Syndrome that could get old rather quickly. The rest of the cast is littered with various oddities that probably couldn’t make it into the academy let alone graduate from it. Luckily Andre Braugher is around to lend some gravitas and be straight man (pun intended) to all the crazy around him.

They had’t quite found their groove, but it’s a rare pilot that has. Given Samberg’s built in fan base they should at least be awarded the luxury of a few weeks to figure everything out and a find a rhythm that suits them and hopefully an audience.

Only time will tell if Brooklyn Nine-Nine will follow in the footsteps of all the successful quirky workplace comedies before it or if the world will not so subtly tell Andy Samberg to stick to the sidekick roles.

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