Revenge Recap: The "Truth" Comes Out

Revenge Recap: The "Truth" Comes Out

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen the Revenge Season 2 Finale – “Truth”.

Well. That was exciting.

Revenge did not skimp on this season finale. They had blackouts, explosions, death and double crossings. They also made good on their promise to explain The Initiative once and for all and, most surprisingly, they actually made me care about a plot with the brothers Porter. Who would have thought?

But, if Maria von Trapp has taught us anything, it’s that we should start at the very beginning, so lets.

As the blackout dragged on our three revengekateers quickly figured out that the draining of the Amanda Clarke Foundation triggered carrion, thus Aiden was The Initiative’s new fall guy. But what he was taking the fall for was still yet to be revealed. Mere hours after the city was returned to power Grayson Global exploded along with a mass text that read “LONG LIVE DAVID CLARKE”. It was also perfectly synced with Conrad’s pre-poll speech to give him first jump at controlling the situation. He also had happened to send Jack into the building at the exact moment the bomb was meant to go off. There’s no denying it: Conrad Grayson is pure Initiative.

And in fact, when Victoria confronted him, he didn’t deny it. It seems that when The Initiative came to bail him out of jail at the start of the summer he made a deal to go from errand boy to power player within the super secret organization. And what is this American bred terrorist group all about? Capitalizing off fear, of course. Rather than try to predict when actual tragedies may occur, they create the events themselves and then reap the benefits. It’s a pretty sweet gig, as long as you’re not the one caught in the aftermath.

And in this case, that poor unfortunate soul was Aiden.

It was clear that Aiden needed to get out of town as quickly as possible, unfortunately a little thing called love was getting in his way. There was a whole lot of running around in all the ensuing chaos, but it boiled down to Emily finding out that Aiden killed Takeda, not being happy about it, Aiden proving that Takeda had only been using them as pawns in his own revenge for his fiancée who had been Flight 197, and Nolan letting it slip that while Emily seemed resistant to give up her revenge for Aiden, she was more than happy to give it up for Jack last summer. So in the end, Aiden agreed to run away, but he was still holding on to hope that Emily would join him.

Unfortunately, all that running around wasted a lot of precious time and Aiden was caught at the Canadian border and taken into custody. It looked like he was going the David Clarke route, and fast, when suddenly “the line of questioning changed”.

Suddenly Aiden was a free man and Nolan was being arrested. Remember that video they forced Padma to record right before they killed her? Turns out it was an incriminating video claiming Nolan is a militant disciple of David Clarke with an appetite for anarchy. Hopefully a few minutes with the one liner extraordinaire will dispel such silly notions, because his usual get out of jail free card was busy attending to another vengeful soul.

Yes, for once in their life Jack and Declan were at the center of the Revenge drama. At the top of the two-hour epic, Jack was still under the impression that Victoria was helping him (word of wisdom for any future characters under that impression: Victoria is never helping you). Instead, as soon as Jack was out of sight Victoria alerted Conrad to Jack (and Ashley’s) actual goal. Ergo Conrad’s brilliant idea to kill two Porters with one bomb.

Meanwhile, Declan was going toe to toe with an angry secret lesbian for Charlotte’s affection. At some point in time we all have to learn not to cross an angry secret lesbian and this was that time for Declan. Regina bruised up her face and planted some cash on Declan in order to accuse him of roughing her up and stealing her money. Now, Declan is a lot of things, but a violent thief has never been one of them. His one attempt at thievery he left his own ID at the scene, but Charlotte’s brain was all crazy with baby hormones so Declan was thrown out of Grayson campaign headquarters and apparently headed straight to Grayson Global. Why? Who knows, point is he was in the building when it exploded.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t explain how being in an explosion would result in needing a heart transplant, but apparently that is what happened. Declan put on a brave face with Charlotte, but the fact remained he was going to die. He recorded a message for his brother and went off into the light. And once again Revenge had me crying over the death of a character I never liked to begin with. Well played, Revenge, well played.

So now Jack (who received Nolan’s warning in time and missed being blown to pieces) had another reason to get revenge. And this didn’t call for some embarrassing scandal type revenge; this called for a full on disguise, lurking in the shadows, assassination type revenge.

Emily figured out Jack’s plan and rushed to stop him. My favorite part may have been when she alerted Ashley to Jack’s plot and instead of stopping Conrad from making his speech, Ashley sent him out to hopefully be killed. I apologize for all the times I called you useless, Ms. Davenport.

So enough with this lengthy build up, lets talk about the last ten minutes of the show.

Patrick showed up on Victoria’s doorstep (and she seemed to recognize him, so I assume he was never all that lost). Aiden’s first stop of freedom was to collect Emily, but he came across Daniel instead and they finally had the physical incarnation of the fight they’ve been having all season. You would think that a man who so easily killed a ninja master could handle a weak little rich boy, but if the blood on Daniel’s shirt is to be believed, another vengeful ninja has fallen.

But Emily did reach Jack in time and she knew that the only thing that would keep him from spending his life in federal prison was the truth (just like the title of the episode!). And so she admitted to being Amanda Clarke, but, like she pointed out, hasn’t he always known that?

So much to think about this summer, fellow revengers. Was Nolan the fall guy from the beginning? Is Aiden really dead? Who will play Patrick and what does he want from Victoria? Does Conrad have anybody who isn’t out to kill/ruin him? And how much therapy is Jack going to need after this revelation? Actually, that one I can answer now. A lot.

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