Revenge Recap: "Engagement"

Revenge Recap: "Engagement"

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 2, Ep. 20 – “Engagement”.

Holy cramming everything into the last ten minutes of the show, Hamptons Batman! There’s only one (supersized) episode left of the season and Revenge has a lot of lost time dealing with pointless plotlines to make up for. But they didn’t. They wasted the first forty minutes of the show with lots of talking and a little plotting and then dropped a whole bunch of bombs in the final moments. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll take a blitz over drawn out drama any day.

The set up went a little something like this:

With Aiden’s blessing Emily accepted Daniel’s proposal and promptly suggested they move to Paris indefinitely. Daniel agreed because he is highly suggestible and, really, if your parents were the Graysons a new continent wouldn’t be a hard sell. Mama Grayson took the engagement/moving news as well as could be expected which means it resulted in many delicious face offs between Victoria and Emily.

Daniel, in his extended effort to let Aiden take the fall for that Initiative business, requested his employment record from Takeda. Takeda, who apparently has a bone to pick with his protégées, handed over everything. This lead Daniel to fire Aiden and lead Aiden to realize that revenge needs to be eminent. Aiden enlisted the help of Nolan, basically saying that he knows revenge won’t give Emily any closure, so it’ll be best if they just do it themselves so she can begin her new healing process (in the loving arms of Aiden) as soon as possible. Sounds like a logical well-reasoned argument (and what Papa Clarke actually wanted).

So Nolan headed off to prison to politely ask Fa1c0n, aka Edith, the secret codes to all her secret hacker files. Edith, equally as politely, declined. But, she did give Nolan a clue to find the super-secret Amanda Clarke Foundation Fund (aka the Grayson fortune), because an evil mastermind just can’t pass up the opportunity out fox their opponent with a riddle. And also because that was the plan all along.

Emily confronted Takeda about sabotaging Aiden (and therefore her), but he was all Zen about it and claimed it is for the greater good. The Initiative is planning their next strike which means it’s time for Takeda to take his own stroll down revenge road. Later Aiden suggested that Takeda has been using himself and Emily for his own gain all along, but Takeda never got to answer to that allegation because BOMB ALERT! Aiden killed him. With his own sword. It’s probably highly symbolic, but I was too distracted by the fact that a sword fight was occurring in the Hamptons.  

So Aiden went rushing off to Nolan’s, who had secured the super-secret code from Edith’s Street Fighter scores, and, in what I can only hope was an oversimplified representation, drained the account, leaving  the Grayson’s with nothing. Emily caught wind of their plan at the last minute and attempted to stop. Record scratch. Wait, what?

A few episodes back Emily’s grand scheme consisted of exactly the same maneuver, but they were thwarted by the Fa1c0n. Now, she came rushing in, begging them to stop and insisting they weren’t ready. What’s changed? I suspect that Emily has drawn a similar conclusion as Aiden; revenge is her only purpose and without it she’ll be lost. However her solution is to never be done with her revenge. That’s the secret to a long, happy life.

But perhaps the life won’t be long anyway because the second the money disappeared from the bank account New York City plunged into darkness. KABOOM! Nolan’s use of the Fa1l0n’s code triggered carrion and The Initiative’s plan is underway. Oops.

Other Things You May be Interested In:

Jack found out that his steamy dog funeral kiss with Emily is the reason she called it off with Daniel the first time around and he handled the information with his usual finesse.  In other words he stomped around and demanded to know why she would hide such a thing from him. Oh you know, because your pregnant ex showed up!

Jack also attempted to further thwart Conrad’s campaign by taking his highly circumstantial evidence to Victoria (let’s face it; she’s been known to do serious damage with less than that).  Victoria was happy to help the blue collar bartender with his plan because ruining Conrad’s life is one of her favorite things to do. However after the current governor’s wife explained she was sabotaging her husband’s campaign in order to save him, Victoria saw an easier path to her goal. But, she’s still pretending to be working with Jack. Why, you might ask? I don’t know, I would respond.

Charlotte got arrested… and admitted to being pregnant. Boom?

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