The Following Recap - Whips and Regrets

The Following Recap - Whips and Regrets

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Following Season 1, Ep. 11 – “Whips and Regrets”.

Remember how hard it was to make friends as a kid? Especially at sleep away camp where everyone was homesick and the cliques get formed on the first day? Well, Cult Camp is no different. In fact, it may be worse seeing as everyone at Cult Camp is certifiably insane. But still, serial killers, they’re just like us!

Honestly, at this point I could write these recaps without even watching the shows. The cult members got crazier, the plot was revealed to go deeper than suspected, and the FBI made really ridiculous, dangerous, and stupid decisions that endangered their entire case. The only thing this episode was good for was finally giving me a title that will attract lots of disappointed fetishists to the blog.  Scratch that one off the bucket list.

So this week the FBI was tasked with doing some actual investigating since a lead fell right into their laps. They managed to track the super-secret website sign-up to a fetish club, but the Mistress of the Flogging wasn’t a member of the Carroll Cult (for realsies, this time) and she was more than happy to lure Vince (that friend seeking militia man only introduced last week) into an FBI trap. It was a pretty solid plan: have him come pick up his weapons, search his car, perhaps put a tracker on the car and then follow him back to camp headquarters. It seems pretty foolproof, but this is the FBI we’re talking about.

It was going well until the cult member decided, as they are wont to do, to take his Mistress of the Flogging captive “for her protection” (kidnapping women “for their protection” seems to be extremely popular within the Carroll Cult, although so far it has not worked out for anybody).  Now, this would have been a spectacular time for the FBI to rush in, arrest Vince and interrogate him for information about the cult, and most importantly make sure the Mistress of the Flogging didn’t get killed, because last I heard the FBI isn’t allowed to let innocent people helping their investigations get brutally murdered by psychopaths.

Apparently I am behind the times because the FBI did none of this. Instead they let the manic kidnap the girl and figured it’d be safe since they were following them. There is so much wrong with this thought process I can’t even begin to dissect it. And wouldn’t you know, he didn’t lead them to camp headquarters. He led them to an abandoned armory, a dingy, dark, creepy place filled with high grade weapons and a few more cult members. And wouldn’t you know, Vince found the wire the Mistress of the Flogging was wearing and the FBI couldn’t get there in time. Luckily, this cult member is smart(ish) and figured if he left her alive it would slow the FBI down more than if he killed her. Literally, only his (the psychopathic killer) quick thinking is what kept the FBI from being responsible for an innocent woman’s death. They should send him a fruit basket. But they can’t because they still have no idea where he lives.

It’s a good thing Vince kept them away from camp headquarters because it was date night! The moment Joe had his wife on his property he went full Beauty and the Beast on her. He locked her in a room, forbid her from seeing her son, and then ordered she have dinner with him in a dress of his choosing. The only thing missing was an admonishing candelabra and an uptight clock.

Joe is convinced that if he forces Claire to spend time with him and his new family that she will love him again. Or at least be conditioned into loving him, much like Pavlov’s dog. Why he believes such things I’m unsure as I’m fairly confident Stockholm Syndrome has never been confused with actual love. So perhaps serial killers aren’t just like us; perhaps they’re just bat shit crazy.

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