Nashville Recap - I Saw The Light

Nashville Recap - I Saw The Light

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Nashville Season 1, Ep. 16 – “I Saw the Light”.

A month had passed since last week’s episode and things in Nashville seemed to be going smoothly; Gunnar and Scarlett are officially dating, Deacon and Stacy the vet are going strong, and The Red Lips and White Lies tour is back up and running. But, all that smooth sailing couldn’t last for too long. Thank, God!

Apparently in their month of coupled bliss Scarlett hadn’t found the proper moment to tell Gunnar that while he was off being a grieving dick she was off getting a solo record deal. But the moment chose itself when the paperwork from Edgehill showed up ready to be signed. Gunnar reacted the way he reacts to everything regarding Scarlett; like a whiny child, pouting and shutting her out despite her pleas she’s been using this month to convince them to sign him as well. Then, because Scarlett is dumb, she informed Gunnar that she wouldn’t sign the contract because she wouldn’t be a musician without him and blah, blah, blah. In the face of this ridiculous statement Gunnar saw that he was behaving just like Avery and considering where that got him (singing for change on a street corner), he quickly course corrected. No, no, he wasn’t mad that she got something he wanted, he was just mad that she hadn’t told him about it! Pretty sure Scarlett is the only one buying that.

The Red Lips and White Lies tour was headed to New York and it had whole big entourage going with it. Deacon brought along his new girlfriend, Rayna made it a family affair with her daughters and sister, and Juliette was accompanied by her mom and her sober companion. They’re just one big motley family, like a demented version of the Brady Bunch (or a less demented Partridge Family). 

Rayna’s daughters have stopped hating her (for now) and have instead decided they want to become singers just like her. Well, Maddie has decided this; Daphne is just along for the ride. Having spent a considerable amount of time with Juliette Barnes (along with her own experiences), Rayna is understandably hesitant about letting her daughters into the industry. She’s not gonna have much of a say for long though because those girls are seriously talented.

I guess that means by season four (God willing) Maddie will be the one stealing away her mother’s sober companion for some boardroom foreplay and hot and heavy after-play. The Dante/Juliette hook up was inevitable, mostly because it impossible for Juliette to share scenes with a man without him eventually succumbing to her undeniable charms. Why Juliette couldn’t sleep with Dante and leave him free to continue counseling her mother is unclear, but you can bet that if Jolene relapses because of it Juliette won’t see her hand it at all.

Other Random Musings:

Lamar was finally getting back up on his power game (blackmailing Peggy with the information that she leaked lies about Teddy and Rayna to the tabloids to get her to convince Teddy to go along with his stadium plan) just to be usurped by a heart attack/stroke/ poisoned scotch. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s not a fatal incident, but I doubt the Nashville writers would be so silly.

Will Deacon actually give up road life? Maybe for a minute (just enough time for Avery to take his place and stir up some trouble), but you don’t spend your whole doing something you can just give up on a whim.


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