Nashville Recap - My Heart Would Know

Nashville Recap - My Heart Would Know

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Nashville Season 1, Ep. 17 – “My Heart Would Know”.

Question:  What’s a former power hungry addict turned Zen master doing rolling in the sheets with a damaged girl and ignoring her even more damaged mother whom he’s supposed to be supporting? Answer: Nothing good.

Dante has quickly gone from unbiased voice of reason integral in the rebuilding of Juliette and Jolene’s relationship to the biggest wedge between them. He admitted a few weeks back that while he struggled with substance addiction, his biggest addiction was to power. Well, just a few days on the road and he’s right back on top, drunk with power (firing roadies and worming his way into becoming Juliette’s manager) and its Jolene who’s stayed strong-ish (hey, she just stole the vodka, she didn’t drink it and at least she’s smart enough to see that a tour bus isn’t the best place for people struggling with sobriety). 

There’s a theory that women are drawn to men like their fathers, but perhaps Juliette (whose father we know nothing about) is attracted to Dante because he represents the only kind of love she ever had; the supremely messed up kind. But how far off the wagon will Dante have to fall and how ruined will Juliette become because of it before she notices the similarities?

But, if you’re not looking to date your mother than you’re destined to be just like her, at least if Rayna’s storyline is to be believed. After hearing about her father’s heart attack Rayan abandoned the tour to bring her daughters back to Nashville for their grandfather (but then didn’t allow them to see him).  Instead, the hospital became a revolving door of Rayna’s past. First Watty showed up, promptly sending Lamar into a fit and revealing that that “musician” Rayna’s mother had an affair with was none other than Rayna’s mentor and stand in father figure, Watty. Oh, and also, the night she got into the accident and died she was in the process of leaving Lamar for Watty. It more than explains Lamar’s animosity towards his daughter and her career, but it does not excuse it.

So what’s a girl to do when she finds out her mother was having an affair with the man that started her career? Call her own musician turned lover, of course. Deacon came running at the sound in Rayna’s voice because “it sounded like you needed… me” (swoon) and the two shared yet another touching moment. Connie Britton and Charles Esten have such insane chemistry I think it officially qualifies as a crime that they are not together (on the show… or in real life, I suppose). I’ll be looking into who to report that to.

It’s looking more likely that Deacon and Rayna 2.0 (Gunnar and Scarlett) are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Sulking, mean Gunnar was gone this week (and hopefully he stays gone, though I consider that unlikely) and fun, supportive Gunnar took his place. After Scarlett sent in her signed contract (finally!) Gunnar declared it a “24 hour Scarlett O’Conner party” that mostly included morning sex and lots of drinking. All in all, it was a drama free hour for the lovebirds. Well, except when Will took Gunnar out for a little bro time and got him hooked on psychotic pastimes as a way to overcome grief. Probably not what Scarlett had in mind when she said Will was a good influence, but hey, at least he’s writing again!

Other Random Musings:

Will might be edging his way up on the Nashville crazy scale, but Peggy is still holding firm to that top spot. After being unceremoniously kicked out in favor of Teddy’s daughters she called him up and told him she loved him in that fragile-girl-on-the-edge-of-a-breakdown kind of way. Now that Teddy knows Peggy is behind the tabloid stories (also the act of a desperate woman) a breakup is eminent and I’m guessing girl is gonna do something drastic.

Avery had yet another redeeming episode. Granted he didn’t do much other than look for lost ear buds, get unjustly fired, and then saved by Deacon, but he’s been known to douche up less airtime than that. Is this setting the stage for a Scarlett/Avery reconciliation, a Juliette/ Avery hook-up, or a big break in the form of filling Deacon’s soon to vacated shoes?

Is there any chance Rayna is Watty’s daughter?  Would they go that far in paralleling her story with her mother’s? My heart wants to say no, but something is telling me they just might…

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