Revenge Recap - Victory

Revenge Recap - Victory

Spoler Alert: Do not read if you havent't seen Revenge Season 2, EP. 17 - "Victory".

This is what I’m talking about. This, Revenge writers; the twists and turns, the secrets, betrayals and double crossings, this is what makes Revenge amazing. More of this please, less of Padma proclaiming that her love for man she’s known (maybe) one summer is more important than being killed by a terrorist organization. That’s just silly.

We’ve all felt the changing winds since the death of Fauxmanda and its finally resulted in what we’ve been waiting for; the return of the red sharpie (the red sharpie actually made two appearances if you count the birth of the X-ed out face in Mrs. Haywood’s foster prison. Because all these red Xes  are merely symbolic of eliminating the people who conspired to convince her to X out her father’s face). This week it was Trunchbull Mrs. Haywood on the receiving end of Emily’s wrath and the take down was the very best kind; public.

Eli’s intentions were still murky, but after an impromptu breakfast meeting at Casa de Grayson where he suggested that The Amanda Clarke Foundation’s first order of business should be to help Amanda’s former foster mother it looked like he was genuinely up to no good (to be fair, this describes half of the Hamptons). But, in reality, it turns out Emily’s revenge instincts must have been ingrained before her ninja training, because Eli inherited them too. He was out for Mrs. Haywood’s blood and all he needed was a vengeful ninja to help him do it. Emily was still leaning towards Eli just leaving and never coming back, but Eli had some info to change that; Mrs. Haywood kept letters written to young Amanda from her father; letters that would have prevented Amanda from hating her father, starting the fire, getting sent to juvie, befriending Emily, and onwards until the current state of affairs (revenge vendetta, dead Fauxmanda, etc.). Uncap the sharpie!

Like all of Emily’s master plans, the exact details were kept from us, but all the better. She and Eli visited their former foster mother, who was all superficial rainbows and lollipops at the mention of more free money coming her way, and Victoria managed to throw an event together in 24 hours. It had all the markings of a Victoria Grayson shindig; the press, the ambiance, and of course the public humiliation, right on cue. When Eli was called to hand over the check to Mrs. Haywood, he instead began to recount how his days in her care were “some of the darkest days” of his life. Mrs. Haywood protested, but Eli had brought backup. Scattered in the audience were many more former foster children ready to corroborate Eli’s word of the unspeakable cruelty suffered at the hands of Mrs. Haywood.

But Mrs. Haywood wasn’t going down without a fight and dropped yet another bomb; the fire attributed to Amanda Clarke was actually started by Eli (Amanda’s match flamed out before it could actually catch and then Eli lit another in an attempt to get Amanda in trouble and keep her with him. Kind of sweet if it hadn’t landed her in juvie and sent her down a dark spiral of rage and regret).

Emily is acutely aware of the life she could have had, the complex vendetta is proof of that, but it is also proof that Emily still isn’t taking responsibility for her own decisions. What the Grayson’s did to her father was beyond her control, as was what Mrs. Haywood did to her, but none of those things led to Fauxmanda’s death.  Emily’s decision to embark on this quest (despite her father’s wishes), to switch identities with Fauxmanda, to make her entire life about bringing down all the people who hurt her, these are the things that prevented Emily from living the life she could have had and until she realizes that all the red Xes in the world won’t alleviate her pain.

But, that revelation probably won’t be coming anytime soon because in trying to retrieve the letters from Papa Clarke (by way of a little eye-for- an-eye style revenge) Eli learned that the letters had been sold. Now, who would want letters written by a supposed terrorist to his daughter proclaiming his innocence?  Perhaps someone writing a tell-all memoir of said terrorist… Yes, in one episode we got the return of the red sharpie and of Mason Treadwell! If someone had fallen from a preposterous height and landed in coma it would have been a perfect hour. Instead of that we got yet another, twist; Victoria has another son, one she put up for adoption as a teenager. I’m not sure how Emily will use this information, but her devilish grin tells me it’s going to be good. Like real good.

Elsewhere on Revenge Isle (a contender for the original title of the show (this is not true)), things were not going so well. Nolan and Aiden attempted rescue Padma’s father from the Initiative, but even Emily didn’t have time to waste on that silly little plot so all they accomplished was giving the devastating software to the enemy and getting Padma kidnapped as well (though I still think she’s working with The Initiative, so this seems less dire to me).

And Victoria reestablished her title as Best Mother with the Worst Tactics by threatening Daniel into cutting ties with Emily. Posing as The Initiative, she sent him a warning in the form of a picture of Emily and he (and after he’d been so super secretive about where they were going by having his secretary make the reservation) along with two bullets. Now, keeping a case of bullets in with your diamonds is pretty bad ass, granted, but keep in mind this is a woman who once hired men to nearly beat her son to death in prison in order to protect him. A grand threat? She’s getting soft.

Oh and Jack is still around, Declan (the kid who left his ID behind at a robbery) has acquired some enviable pickpocketing skills, and Kenny reappeared to drop some more hard evidence against the Graysons in Jack’s lap; taped conversations proving Conrad ordered the hit on Jack and Amanda. It’s pretty convenient so I’m guessing it’ll go the same way as the black box from the plane crash and the (non-existent) investigation into the plane crash that destroyed an entire federal case worth of evidence.

What say you loyal Revenge watchers? Was “Victory” a welcome return to form? Any thoughts on who Victoria’s son could be? Is this the last we’ll see of Eli? And how psyched are you for next week’s masquerade? Sound off in the comments!

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