Revenge Recap - Illumination

Revenge Recap - Illumination

Remember last week when I sang hosannas about Revenge finally getting back to basics, doing away with all those unnecessary storylines and trimming down its characters to the essentials? Well, enter a few more plots and two new characters to provide obstacles for Emily’s revenge plan. Oh joy.

It wasn’t all bad, I suppose. The introduction of Eli was well done and I appreciate that they didn’t drag out his recognition of Emily (and how has no one else noticed that she has a tattoo on her wrist that matches what’s carved into the porch of Casa de Clarke and thought it suspicious?).  Since the writers seem committed to dragging out Emily’s revenge and putting as many obstacles in her path as possible, at least a foster brother who knew Emily at her worst is an interesting way to go. And Fa1c0n? Well, at least it gives Nolan something to do rather than provide witty comebacks (not that I need him to do much more and his new hacker war better not distract from that original purpose).

While Emily was distracted by faux bro and a hacker extraordinaire, The Graysons continued to redefine evil.  About five minutes after Amanda’s funeral Victoria began work on the Amanda Clarke Foundation, which provides for kids, or something similarly vague. It was skeevy enough when it looked like the charity was a way to cleanse the Grayson conscious after killing yet another Clarke, but no; the Graysons don’t have a conscious left to cleanse. The ordeal of Flight 197 taught the Graysons that these Initiative plans can often go awry and when they do Grayson money gets all tied up in legal matters. But, by hiding away all their assets in this bogus charity (untouchable from those pesky lawsuits) they can continue to reap the rewards of their corrupt life. Win/win, except for whatever poor soul takes the blame this time (which would be Aiden if the Graysons get their way, but “not being framed for stuff” is like Ninja school 101 so Adien should be safe).

I was hoping, as I think many of us were, that the last few episodes pointed to a return of the red sharpie and to the elements that made season one so enjoyable. I won’t say these new additions are horrible because it’s far too soon to tell, but I think it’s the opposite direction they need to go to really recapture that season one magic. The story of Emily Thorne exacting revenge on the family that ruined her life could only last so long; either she got revenge or she didn’t. But, the success of the show means it can’t end and needs to be spun out to ensure many, many years of Hamptons intrigue, bandage dresses, and parties ending in murder. The writers of Revenge clearly thought the best way to extend the story was to build up the entities Emily needs to get revenge on and pile up more obstacles for her along the way. This was the wrong choice.

Now, the first rule of a writer’s room is that you don’t point out a problem unless you have a solution, so listen up Revenge writers, because here it comes. The route you should have taken was to make the show’s title be an overarching theme, not a direct indicator of our heroine’s agenda. Emily needs to execute her plan. She needs to succeed in ruining the lives of the Graysons, of Fa1c0n, of Treadwell, of every lawyer, judge and witness that sent her father to prison for crimes the Graysons committed. All of these people need to be ruined so they can come after her for their own revenge. It could be season after season of all our favorite characters underhandedly trying to ruin each other while throwing lavish cocktail parties. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than Initiatives, business mergers, and listening to Declan attempt full sentences?  I’ll be waiting on that royalty check, Revenge.

A Few Last Thoughts:

-          Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that Daniel was driving drunk and paralyzed his girlfriend? Why is everyone treating his budding alcoholism so nonchalantly?

-          Was Eli putting the moves on Charlotte? If so, eww. Also, if they’re amping up for a plotline that necessitates extended exposure to her or Declan, double eww. 

-          Jack finally seems to be serving a purpose! After what seemed like an eternity of naïve acceptance and oblivious bliss, Jack has finally woke up and realized all the people he thought were his friends have been lying and using him for their own gain. True, he’s slightly misguided in his instincts that Emily and Nolan aim to hurt him, but he’s on the right track for once and it’s refreshing.  But hopefully his vendetta doesn’t get in the way of the actual important one.

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