Girls Recap - It's Back

Girls Recap - It's Back

If this season was about the girls “almost getting it kind of together”, this was the episode that highlighted the almost part. For all the progress the girls have made over the last seven episodes “It’s Back” tore it all down.

Hannah has finally found success (and a paycheck) with her writing, but the pressure of writing a novel in a month has brought back her OCD. Did we know that Hannah had suffered from severe OCD in high school? Not that I can recall. Does it make so much sense that it seems dumb we didn’t know? Yes. I’d be surprised if there was anxiety disorder Hannah didn’t have. Jokes aside, Hannah’s OCD looked pretty rough, and given that abandoning her book deal isn’t an option if she wants to make rent this month, there isn’t a clear cut solution to this particular problem.

Since this problem is the first that isn’t of Hannah’s own making, it would have been the perfect opportunity to garner the character some sympathy. However, by adding in a visit from her parents, any attempt at sympathy went out the window. Apparently Hannah had already forgotten her appreciation for her parents from the last episode, because when they came to visit her this week, she was the same brat she always is around them. It was disappointing, but it also reinforced a thought I’ve been having since that phone call last week; Hannah’s mom is a little self-centered too.

Regardless of how tiring it must be to be Hannah’s mother, her exasperation with her daughter felt unwarranted last week and downright malicious this week. I understand that she didn’t want to spend her weekend in New York at a psychiatrist’s office, but I also can’t imagine a mother actually saying that to their daughter who clearly needs help. I can’t imagine a mother who would honestly rather be sightseeing when their only child was in such a bad place and so desperately needed help. At least a non self-centered mother. Perhaps last week when I wrote about Jessa becoming her father, I should have also explored how much Hannah is her mother.

But even with a neurological disorder, Hannah wasn’t the biggest mess this week. Marnie found out Charlie had become an overnight millionaire (or at least a couple thousandaire) and immediately ran over to see his new fancy office and rub some salt in her own wound. All season Marnie has been struggling with her perception of herself. She always saw herself as someone who had it together, but it took seeing someone (and her ex, at that) who actually has it together for her to realize she doesn’t have anything. So Ray convinced her to follow her dream and it turns out that dream is… singing. Much like Ray, not the path I thought she was going to take, but who knows, maybe it’ll work out. (Side Note: That scene was everything and Marnie and Ray need to interact more often).

The reason Ray was around to offer career advice is because Shoshanna was off having a little fling, so perhaps he won’t be around much longer. Shoshanna became aware that her relationship with Ray meant she’d been neglecting her other friends. So, she made her grand reentrance into society (sans Ray because it would be creepy if he went to a college party). She saw in the bored eyes of her friend how different her relationship has made her and she didn’t like the new Shoshanna. She was so desperate for a man that she somehow found herself in committed relationship with a live-in boyfriend and none of the fairytale romance she imagined. So she did was everyone in Girls does when they’re faced with a life epiphany, she made out with a doorman.

The only person actively getting their life together this week was Adam (never though I’d type that sentence). He attended an AA meeting more to vent about his breakup with Hannah than to talk about drinking, but his quirky charm caught the eye of Carol Kane and she immediately set him up with her smoking hot daughter. Its interesting that Adam didn’t become likeable until after Hannah broke up with him, but you have to feel for the kid and if anyone is gonna get a happy ending this season, it might as well be him.

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