Revenge Recap - Union

Revenge Recap - Union

After a three week hiatus Revenge returned with its most satisfying yet still frustrating episode to date. Satisfying because a lot what happened needed desperately to happen, but frustrating because it really should have happened ten episodes ago.  

The episode began with a lovely flashback to young (real) Amanda planning her wedding to Jack, complete with a pipe cleaner ring. Cut to the present day and it is once again wedding bells for Jack and (fake) Amanda. As much as I detest the literal connotation of a Jack/Emily union, when they use the possibility as metaphor it’s highly effective. Emily isn’t mourning losing Jack, she’s mourning the final loss of the life she could have had if everything hadn’t been ripped away from her.  It also helped to remind us how much that missed life still haunts Emily as it looks like it’s going to be irrevocably ripped away soon.

In fact, this episode was all about reminding us that beneath that cold, ninja exterior there is a very hurt and wounded girl who is simply lashing out at those she feels ruined her chance at happiness (although with slightly more deadly results than most wounded girls). Aiden, another wounded soul, faced the devastation that his sister was in fact dead (maybe. I thought we already knew she was dead so I was surprised when he seemed so sure she had just been killed. So who knows, this is Revenge, is anyone ever truly dead?) He looked like he was going to abandon Emily to seek vengeance alone, but of course two such damaged people only find each other once in a lifetime and who can walk away from such a solid foundation for a relationship as that?

He turned up at the perfect moment, too, just as Emily had fully resigned herself to the single ninja life, by giving Fauxmanda the pipe cleaner ring she once made for Jack, truly the most selfless, touching thing Emily has ever done. And so, as Amanda and Jack sailed off to Nantucket, Aiden and Emily got back to plotting some revenge. Hey, every couple has their thing. But Amanda and Jack won’t be sailing for long since it looks like we’re almost to the watery wreckage of the season premiere. Shady Brother Number Two had stowed away (get it?!?) on The Amanda and was ready to “eliminate some leverage”. Since he is also on the boat, hopefully he eliminates himself as well.

But that prelude to fat trimming wasn’t even the juiciest of the night. Over at Grayson Global (which is an investment firm, who knew! Seriously, am I the only one who found that a revelation?) The Initiative is moving forward with their plan to… do whatever it is they’re doing, by forcing Daniel to make shady investments for them. But Mama Grayson overheard the phone call (because the other theme of the night was people lurking in the shadows and overhearing things they shouldn’t) and, of course, she had a plan.

The time had (finally!) come to reveal the whole messy truth to Daniel. Victoria burst into her son’s office and laid her sins upon the table; everything from the money laundering to the frame job cover up and Daniel took it pretty well. Of course Lady Initiative watched the whole thing on close circuit, but I assume that was the integral part of the plan. Victoria wasn’t born yesterday and this isn’t her first time dealing with shady organizations out to destroy her family. She knew they were being watched and put on a performance to lure Helen to her conspicuously empty house.  Victoria never meant to exposé The Initiative, that would mean exposing herself, she meant to kill Helen from the beginning and like most things Victoria wants, she got it.  

Clearly The Initiative is made up of more than one person and the Graysons have, once again, just made more trouble for themselves, but I’m hoping this  points to a larger plan the writers have of ridding the show of the more exasperating storylines. If nothing else it should provide the Graysons with some much needed family bonding. You know what they say; the family that disposes of bodies together stays together. They say that, right?

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