Revenge Recap - Sacrifice

Revenge Recap - Sacrifice

Another episode, another bothersome character dispensed of. But also another not so bothersome character dispensed of, a bothersome one maybe dispensed of and the introduction of a new bothersome character altogether. Guess we can’t have it all.

For the first time in my Revenge recapping career I will begin by discussing the plot involving Jack, Amanda and Shady Brother No. 2, because for the first time I can’t argue that it wasn’t important. This week we finally caught up to the season premiere and The Amanda floating at the bottom of the ocean… along with a wedding ring wearing body.

We caught up with our newlyweds enjoying a leisurely, blissful sail to Nantucket, completely unaware of their audience lurking in the shadows. Jack and Amanda must have been real preoccupied because, on a boat that size, I have to assume remaining unseen is difficult.  That theory proved true when Emily caught wind of the open sea trouble by spotting Shady Brother No. 2 in the wedding photos. Not the smoothest of moves, but good for Jack and Amanda since it sent Emily and Nolan jetting off to their rescue.

Onboard Jack and Amanda fake some fighting and successfully stall Shady Bro long enough to inflate the lifeboat and attempt an escape. In the ensuing melee, Jack gets shot and Amanda lowers him down, but stays on the boat to fight off Shady Bro herself. I’m still not entirely sure why she couldn’t get into the boat with Jack, especially since she had no idea Emily and Nolan were on their way and for all she knew she was sending out a fatally wounded man to float helplessly in the ocean (and he was unconscious when Emily and Nolan found him).

But they did find him and while Nolan took him to safety, Emily took the lifeboat to rescue Amanda.  She made it just in time to knock Shady Bro into the (water filled) lower deck. Emily and Amanda give him a juvie girl work over that culminates in Amanda shooting him in the back. But that doesn’t quite kill him (of course) and he manages to light up the leaking propane (because oh yeah, that happened too), blowing up The Amanda and a little bit of Fauxmanda with it.

When Fauxmanda was first introduced I was not a fan and her extensive time spent in storylines that bore me hasn’t done much to endear her further. But, over this past season Faxmanda has emerged as both a literal moral center of the show (who would’ve thought) and as metaphor for Emily’s missed life. For these reasons, her death was more emotional than I would have predicted. Perhaps it was Emily’s reaction. Emily so effectively closes off her emotions that when she finally lets them through its heartbreaking to remember how deeply she does feel. Part of her was grieving the loss of a friend (one of very few who knew who she was and accepted it) and the loss of her happy ending. Amanda Clarke may not have had the life she deserved, but Fauxmanda Clarke did; she got the happy ending, but even that didn’t last. The loss of that metaphor stings just as badly as the loss of Fauxmanda herself.

As Emily dealt with yet another heartbreaking loss, the Graysons were throwing a party. They were also covering up a murder and framing a Clarke for it. Wait, what year is it? They also met Lady Initiative’s replacement, Sir Initiative, also known as Trask, who seems much worse than Helen Crowley ever did. Out of the pan and into the fire.  Could the framing of a dead woman get The Initiative off their back for good? I hope so, but I doubt it.

Also, Aiden has recruited Padma to help infiltrate The Initiative and in return she was sent her father’s severed finger. So, she’s probably regretting her allegiance. (Side Note: Can fingers not be severed after someone has been killed? How is this proof?)

And finally, the biggest question of the night: will Jack survive? My heart says, “dear God, I hope not”, but my head says, “ugh, probably”.

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