Nashville Recap - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Nashville Recap - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Nashville delivered an episode featuring the oldest love story of all; sad girl gets drunk and hooks up with someone she shouldn’t.

Following the one two punch of Teddy asking for a divorce and then calling seconds before she went on stage to mention he wanted to tell their daughters as soon as Rayna landed back in Nashville, Rayna was expectedly not at her best. Granted, not at her best only means she missed her opening music cue, but to Deacon that minor slip spoke volumes. He tried to get her to talk to him about, but this time Rayna was the one done talking. Coincidently, Liam reappeared this week and he wasn’t interested in talking either. He was interested in drinking and dancing and flirting; all the things that look like a good idea when you’ve got a wounded heart. But before Rayna and Liam could turn their two step horizontal, Rayna ended the tryst the way most broken hearted drunken hook ups end; crying in the bathroom.

While nothing besides some serious making out actually transpired, Deacon caught a whiff of the vibe between the departing Rayna and Liam and decided to throw a little hissy fit about it. I guess he forgot that he enjoys a quite similar business-with-a-side-of-flirt relationship with Juliette and that they’ve actually slept together. Convenient fact to ignore, but Deacon doesn’t really have anything to worry about. As hot as the hotel hall kissing was, it doesn’t hold a candle to the elevator lovin’ last week. So no need to pout, Deke, you’re still number one.

Perhaps it was the feeling of neglect, but over on the White Lies side of things Deacon was causing all kinds of trouble. Emboldened by the response to Juliette’s impromptu acoustic song, Juliette decided to revamp the back half of the tour with an entire acoustic set. Everyone loved the idea… except Glenn. Despite the overwhelming response and the natural maturing of a young artist, Glenn has dug in his feet and refuses to back down. He called a secret meeting to tell the crew to ignore anything Juliette has told them.  Not the best plan, since eventually Juliette would have noticed the acoustic set had become acapella. Proving my point, it took about half a day for the news of the meeting to reach Deacon (conveniently not invited to said meeting) and about two minutes for Deacon to casually bring up the meeting to Juliette.

Learning that Glenn discovered Juliette when she was young and voluntarily took on the role of father figure sheds light on their relationship and this new power struggle. Deacon countered the revelation with the cliché, fathers let their kids grow up and Glenn allowed it to end there, but the fact is, while parents do need to let their kids grow up, hardly any of them want to. Yes, Juliette does deserve to follow whatever path she chooses and Glenn has every right to be scared of watching her fail. It’s the most common parent/child clash and Juliette responded to the way countless teenagers who feel stifled have reacted before her; she woke everyone up in the middle of the night, stomped her feet and demanded respect. She also managed to embarrass Glenn in front of everyone until he quit.

The next day Deacon took to another elevator to give Juliette a tongue lashing (slightly different than the one he gave Rayna) about the outburst and somewhere beneath all that hair it must have sunk in. After returning to her big empty house Juliette called her mother and invited her to come live with her when she gets out of rehab.

Cohabitation seems to be working out for Scarlett and Gunnar and since it appears the “walking around nekkid” rule is being ignored, it’s working out for us too. During all this nekkid time (ok, more accurately, towel time) Watty White called to inform them they’ve received yet another Big Break! This time in the form of Rayna wanting to meet them to discuss signing them to her new label.  Also, Gunnar’s brother Jason is back in town and while Scarlett was apprehensive about harboring a fugitive, a little jam session and a sob story about Gunnar’s guilt over Jason’s incarceration convinced her to let the felon stay. Too bad Jason’s still packing that gun he promised he got rid of…

Oh, and Avery is still a sleaze, but now he’s a sleaze with a hundred thousand dollars.



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    You left out the part where Rayna and Liam had a heart to heart in the bathroom, which was actually my favorite part of the episode. I’ve enjoyed the chemistry between them a lot since Liam showed up and I’m excited to see where their relationship goes.

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