Girls Recap - Video Games

Girls Recap - Video Games

Are we all ultimately doomed to become our parents, no matter how much we may dislike them?

Jessa and Hannah took a trip upstate this week to visit Jessa’s dad. We’ve been given little information about Jessa’s childhood other than it was rarely supervised and likely traumatizing. These suspicions were confirmed when Jessa’s dad arrived hours late to pick them up, made no plans to actually spend time with his daughter, and then dropped her off at the grocery store, never to return again.

Jessa has been in a rough place since the dissolution of her marriage to Thomas John and was desperate to reconnect with the first man in her life (mistaking a butt text as sign that her father was reaching out to her was as funny as it was fundamentally sad). Throughout the episode Jessa made repeated attempts to connect to her father, but it never quite stuck.

Of course, as she was crying to her dad about his inability to accept any responsibility or be there for her in any way, she seemed oblivious to the fact she was treating Hannah the exact same way. Granted, a friendship is nowhere near the level of a father/daughter relationship, but still. Hannah agreed to accompany her (squatting) friend to the country and all she got in return was humiliation (peeing in front of elderly people), derision (“It’s so lame that you think that”), and abandonment. And that’s to say nothing about the uncomfortable UTI Hannah dealt with throughout it all.

John Thomas’ insults are still sinking in for Jessa and she was taking the steps to examine the causes for her destructive life, yet once she got too close to the source she fell back on her nature and fled. Who knows where she went, when she will be back, or what form she will have taken when she does, but its safe to assume that she will still be the same flighty, self centered, free sprit she has always been. Breakups often make us believe that we should change ourselves, but doing it always seems like so much work.

I know a lot of people dislike Jessa. I, for one, think she is endlessly interesting. No, I wouldn’t want to actually be her friend as I’m sure my reaction to a whippet adventure would be much along the same lines as Hannah’s, but in the context of this series I think she invaluable. I understand the argument that she is pompous and condescending, but I hope this episode helps some of the ardent Jessa-haters out there to reconsider their view. She has her flaws, but she has them for a reason. Just like everyone else.

“Video Games” was yet another experimentation for Girls, in that the half hour comedy saw very little laughs. In fact, it was profoundly sad. Sure, Hannah taking the virginity of a turtleneck wearing closeted teenager is amusing, but the entire episode was much more moving and provided Jemima Kirke yet another opportunity to prove her acting chops and provide yet another reason Jessa very much needs to stay a part of this show. So here’s hoping she won’t stay gone for too long.

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