Girls Recap - It's a Shame About Ray

Girls Recap - It's a Shame About Ray

The better part of Girls’ first season revolved around Hannah being cut off by her parents and her constant quest for enough funds to continue living. Now, a season full of numerous jobs and life lessons later, we’re back to talking about money. This time, however, we were witness to the effects money can have on relationships.

First up, thanks to a hefty paycheck from a sold story (perhaps a coke fueled one?), Hannah decided to throw a disastrous dinner party. Did she really only invite Marnie because she thought she wouldn’t show, or was having her there with Charlie and Audrey just one more twist of the knife for her new frenemy? My money is on the latter. And while the dinner did lead to a blow up between Marnie and Audrey (with Charlie unsurprisingly taking Marnie’s side) it also lead to a shocking discovery for the other couple in attendance; Ray and Shoshanna.

After an innocent question about where Ray currently lived, Shoshanna came to the realization that Ray lived with her. But instead of being angry that her boyfriend is mooching off her, Shoshanna was upset that she had missed this milestone without even getting some advice from her aunt. It also led to one of the show’s sweetest moments (not that it had a lot of competition in a series where butt plugs are appropriate dinner conversation).  Ray laid all his defenses aside and explained that if he admitted he was homeless to Shoshanna it would only make him feel like an even bigger loser than he already does. But this is Shoshanna we’re talking about, whose heart and compassion is bigger than all the other girls combined, so she responded that she was falling in love with him. Which led to Ray admitting that he loves her too. It truly was a beautiful moment, mostly because it did indeed feel true.

On the other side of the relationship spectrum were Jessa and Thomas John. In the brief moments we’ve seen Jessa and her new husband they have given off the air of a blissful union, but one little dinner with the in-laws and the façade came crumbling down.  Why Jessa and Thomas John ever thought marriage was a good idea remains a mystery, but I doubt it had much to do with money.  Obviously Jessa’s free spirit attracted the buttoned up Thomas John and Thomas John’s conventionality was one thing Jessa hadn’t tried yet, but no matter how much opposites may attract they repel just as quickly and usually with just as much force.

The blow up, while inevitable, was brutal due mostly to the fact that while they may have only known each other for a short time, they still had a clear view of who they married and each insult and barb was perfectly poised to inflict as much pain as possible. All the accusations flying between the two were made all the more devastating, to both parties, because each of them knew they were true.

But we didn’t see the aftermath for Thomas John because the show isn’t called Old Rich Men, its Girls. And it wouldn’t be Girls if there wasn’t some inexplicable nude bonding. As beautiful and moving as the scene was, the inauthenticity (in an otherwise very real and grounded episode) was jarring. No, I’m not talking about the absurdity of two friends bathing together (although, yeah, that too), but the idea that a 20-something would take a bath in a rented apartment that she can afford. Pee and snot rockets are the least of their concerns.

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    I couldn’t believe some of the things that Thomas-John said to Jessa, and even though I expected everything to fall apart I did not expect it to explode like that. The scene with Ray and Shoshannah in the subway station is my favorite of this season so far, and I thought the writing was genius.

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