Girls Recap - Boys

Girls Recap - Boys

Girls has already dealt with the 20’s something cliché of trying to figure out who you are ad nauseam. This week it explored the facades people create during that “finding yourself” process.

After an episode entirely of Hannah, she took a back seat this week to let some of the supporting characters drive this one home. She did, somehow, manage to land an eBook deal. It’s a pretty big deal given that her previous writing work has included doing hard drugs and… that’s about it, actually. Of course the one-month deadline is added stress that will probably present even more problems than it already has.

She’s also missing out on some quality best friend time since Marnie is still holed up with Booth. They looked to be enjoying many of the comforts Hannah got taste of last week, complete with Booth seeming not as interested as Marnie thinks. After his assistant quits (this interaction alone is reason enough to not date Booth), he asks Marnie to take over the hosting duties. She of course sees it as an important step in their relationship. He sees it as hiring a temporary assistant. This is a problem when he later tries to pay Marnie for her services and she realizes she had invented their relationship in her head.

As much as Marnie tried to insist that she cared about Booth the person, its obvious that the lifestyle is what attracted her, not the demeaning, arrogant little prick who locked her in a torture cube and fired a girl for a spoonful of rosewater ice cream. Marnie had a clear picture of how her life should be and when her own circumstances threatened that plan she quickly attached herself to someone who already had it in an attempt to convince herself that her life is still on track.

And so, even after her revelation, Marnie can’t bring herself to admit her situation to Hannah. She pretends that she’s still with Booth watching fireflies and Hannah pretends that she’s making progress with her writing. Hannah is unable to admit that Marnie may have been right about her life and Marnie is unwilling to admit that she might not be as superior as she thought she was.

But this episode, as the title suggested, wasn’t about the girls. After Hannah informs Ray that if he wants his copy of Little Women back he’s gonna have to get it from Adam himself, the two boys bond over their perceived similarities. Adam is not doing so well after his night in jail (thanks to Hannah) and got a dog to help with loneliness. Got, isn’t exactly accurate as he actually stole the dog, who happens to be a hell beast, so Ray agrees to journey to Staten Island to return it.

The ensuing adventure forces Ray to drop his cynical exterior and examine the circumstances of his life. Just like Marnie and Hannah, he hides behind the defense of indifference to hide just how sad and alone he feels. But he is a 33 year old man with a minimum wage job, no home and a very young girlfriend who pressures him to go to Learning Annex workshops and take her somewhere with mood lighting.

Will the breakdown change anything? Will he take the entrepreneurship workshop? I doubt it, but I disagree that his relationship with Shoshanna is just  “babies holding hands”. They are two people trying to figure out who they are, they balance each other out very well and I think this is the only source of happiness Ray has right now. So hopefully he doesn’t take Adam’s words too seriously. This is a man who is unable to finish anything himself, after all.

We already know that these characters are trying to get it together, now they just need to realize it and drop the pressure to be that person already.

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