The Following Recap: Chapter Two

The Following Recap: Chapter Two

Some people (Kyle, my parents, everyone else who watched The Following) think I may have been too critical in my initial reaction to the show. So, in the spirit of fairness and because there is little else on on Monday nights, I gave it a second shot. And, I have to say, I was wrong. Oh, I still think it’s a derivative, over done, convoluted, sad attempt at edgy drama, but it didn’t take the procedural route I predicted.

I foresaw predictable episodes focusing on the separate members of Joe Carroll’s (James Purefoy) cult as they lived out their own killing fantasies. Instead, it focuses on the separate members of Joe Carroll’s cult as they live out their own killing fantasies within the bigger conspiracy of running Ryan Hardy’s life. Hey, when I’m wrong I’m wrong.

This week, or Chapter Two as it is called in Joe Carroll’s upcoming book “If You Sleep With My Wife I Will Ruin You Through Increasing Obstacles of Crazy”, focused on the hapless puppy killer we met in the pilot, Jordy. When last we left the serial killer in training he was charming his way into a sorority house and surprise, surprise, when we catch back up with him there’s a bunch of dead sorority girls. Someone’s a fast learner.

But the crack team assigned to the Carroll Cult Case spends little time looking into the mass killing and instead focuses on the missing Carroll sire, Joey. Joey is fine though, well, as fine as one can be in the care of murderous cult members, but he has a stuffed dinosaur so he’s good. Luckily, Carroll has this saga well planned out and the search for Joey leads them straight to the sorority killer, whose actual role in the “story” is to be killed by Ryan. How that was exactly pitched to him in the cult meetings that made him sign up, I fear we will never find out.

So Ryan shoots him, but Jordy survives. This was not part of the master plan so Carroll has some massive rewrites to do. Unfortunately, it’s hard to control a narrative from behind bars and once the police show Jordy the tape of Carroll calling him disposable and stupid I think he’ll be spilling some plot spoilers.

If the police are actually interested in solving the case, that is, because one of the last shots was new case leader and cult expert Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) dropping off a book of Poe’s greatest hits at Carroll’s cell. What? A cult specialist getting pulled into a cult? So edgy.



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