Girls Recap - Bad Friend

Girls Recap - Bad Friend

Three episodes in and I have to conclude that Girls is getting off to a disjointed start. There seems to be very little carry over from episode to episode (Really? No mention of Adam going to jail? Is he still there? We have no idea) and the show seems to have completely forgot about its other two main characters. It’s a little disappointing, but Girls makes up for this oversight by delivering some of its funniest episodes to date, while also managing to flesh out (some) characters.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that rather than allow Hannah to mature to where Marnie was last season, they have gone the route of allowing Marnie to fall to Hannah’s level; i.e. working a basic service job and hooking up with douche bags. I think it would have been more interesting to do a complete reversal and have Hannah get her life together while Marnie’s falls apart so that each girl could better understand where her friend was coming from, but a job that asks you to do coke is not a step towards getting your life together.

So who is the worse friend? Marnie’s main argument has always been that Hannah is selfish and only ever thinks about herself. Can’t argue with that. Hannah knows how into Booth Marnie was( though who knows why), but when she finds out they’ve finally hooked up she decides that her feelings matter more and shows up on his doorstep to tell Marnie what a bad friend she is. Not the most supporting circumstances, but Marnie accepts it because she has, in fact, broken the (only) girl code rule: you don’t sleep with your friend’s ex. Sure, in this case the ex is gay and I’m not quite sure if what they did counts as sex, but the simple facts remain that Elijah was Hannah’s only serious boyfriend and she feels betrayed by her two best friends.

The fact is, neither one is being a good friend at the moment, but if they took a break from keeping score and tracking offenses to determine whose the bad friend and whose the good friend, they might actually have time to best friends again.

Final Thought:
Laird might be my favorite of all Hannah’s potential paramours. I’m not sure if that says more about me or about Hannah’s history with men.

Actual Final Thought: Girls may be the only show in history to make doing hard drugs look equally hysterical and like the worst idea ever (Although, I still prefer Shoshanna pantsless and on crack). If anyone has examples of other shows that have pulled this off, send ‘em, my way.

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