How to gracelessly watch someone else live your dream

I don’t like to admit this but I’ve been a “comparer” for like five years. Comparing myself to other writers, to others who have their life more put together, to those seemingly doing more… I wasn’t raised this way. Although my mom was hardly present during our childhood because she was working, she brought my... Read more »

When someone you love is prejudiced

Today began differently than most of my Saturday mornings do in which I bask in the mellow steam of a cup of hazelnut coffee. In the process of looking for investment properties, I went to view a building with a couple people this morning on the northwest side of Chicago. On paper, the property looked... Read more »

How Islamophobia Has Conditioned Me

Today, I want to talk about something I have thought about a lot in the last 16 years. A condition of my existence. As you know, Islamophobia became a prevalent part of our nation shortly after the 9/11 attacks. I’ve discussed the subject many times over the years as someone who was raised Muslim so,... Read more »
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Dear happy person, shut up, sincerely, bitter person

Dear happy person, shut up, sincerely, bitter person
Most of us have at least one person in our lives who is continuously and, this is the key word here, outwardly trying to improve themselves. You might even be this person. In what seems to be an era of self-improvement, it’s not uncommon to encounter this person everywhere you go. The person taking selfies... Read more »

Falling in love with ideas: Yay or nay?

We’ve all fallen in love with ideas at some point in our lives. I would venture far enough to say that each of us is actively doing it right now. We harbor ideas about what we would like our future to look like; comfortable, financially secure, cushioned with friends and a loving partner… These are... Read more »

The problem with improving your craft

Some months ago I got really into entrepreneur, public speaker and human guinea pig extraordinaire, Tim Ferris. I saw one of his TED Talks and amidst marveling at his many talents and accomplishments, I learned about something he does each morning known as morning pages from a book called “The Artist’s Way.” It’s similar to... Read more »

To my sperm donor

I’m good at compartmentalizing. Scratch that. I’m great at it. Mainly, I’m good at boxing away the things that I know should be significant into places that are hard to find. Underneath loose floorboards, in ordinary boxes that are filled with moments passed, in the far reaches of my mind where cobwebs stretch quickly over…... Read more »

Perfection doesn't matter at the end of the day

You don’t need to be perfect. You really don’t. If we broke down the many obstacles we face on a day-to-day basis or the things that slowly eat at us during the 15 minutes we’re in bed waiting for sleep, the problem would be perfection. Maybe that’s what was eating Gilbert Grape, too. Attempting to... Read more »

Musings on being an adult

I have no idea about life. If I was still 16 and you would have told me that I would be a scared human being still making a ton of mistakes at the age of 27, I would have 1. been surprised that I would live to see 27 because I thought I would die... Read more »

Obsessing About Death Taught Me to Appreciate Life

“Write about something in your life you once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about” Death/heaven/hell. Yes, I’m getting down and dark with you tonight. Ok, not really. Death is something I’ve thought about since I was about 8 but how I thought about it and the specific aspects I thought about have... Read more »