Falling in love with ideas: Yay or nay?

We've all fallen in love with ideas at some point in our lives. I would venture far enough to say that each of us is actively doing it right now. We harbor ideas about what we would like our future to look like; comfortable, financially secure, cushioned with friends and a loving partner... These are all quite broad, however, very general. Yes, many of us want this kind of future but where we differ is in the details.

Some people are like my sister, literal with bullet point plans. Married by this age, first kid at that age, moving out of the state with her husband after this milestone, etc. Maybe you're like me and everything is sort of up in the air. You know you want certain things but you're unsure if they'll happen for you. Marriage, a book and book deal, a job at a publishing house in New York City, a dog that will keep your cats in line when you're away so you can finally have nice furniture...

However, some things are out of your control. For someone like my sister, whose ideas are essentially goals, there is a high chance of them coming to fruition. The idea she has of her future is practical and because she has the main component needed to reach her goals (a partner), she is more likely to get there.

There is nothing wrong with what she wants. Hell, it's much more realistic, but this post is for the rest of us. The ones who fall in love with ideas every few days but erase them just as quickly. This is for people like me, who have watched one too many Bollywood movies (or what seems to be its equivalent, musicals) and expect love to be kind of corny.

I've been thinking the past few days about some of the ideas I hold onto. About relationships namely, but also about what I'd like my future to look like. I go through ideas like swimmers go through towels. Earlier today while looking for office organizers I developed ideas about what I'd like my office space to look like.

When I began this post an hour and a half ago, my intention was to talk about the downfalls of being in love with ideas. Because falling in love with ideas that are less realistic, less conventional, tend to set you almost invariably up for disappointment. Some ideas can be detrimental, like if you're thinking superficially, of falling deeply in love with the idea of endless amounts of money or a massive home on the hills. It can either fuel your fire or make you depressed at the prospect of how far you are from it.

That's why the "almost invariably" is so important.

I guess my point is that so what if you want a cheesy relationship where the dude/dudette adores you so much that you have to pinch yourself from time-to-time? So what if you want a job that you love and actually pays the bills, too? So what if you want a lot of money? You might have to shuffle through a lot of incompatible people to find the right fit, work hard to land that dream job, and learn to save and work your ass off to be financially worry-free, but it can be realistic too.

But even realistic ideas sometimes require a degree of compromise. The date of a marriage might need to get pushed back, maybe having children isn't an option so you adopt instead, maybe the job you want is unavailable but you find another that still allots you time to do what you love on the side...

I guess I just want to say that you got this. The ideas you are in love with might seem farfetched sometimes, but they don't have to be. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little more. I suppose I could have said this last line from the get-go. To be honest though, I didn't even know what this post was about until now. So there. I hope it helped someone, and thank you for reading this terribly long thing.

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