Let's call it what it is: White terrorism in Charlottesville

I'm a little bit pleased today and believe me, it has been a difficult task when an incompetent orange creature is the president of your country. Nonetheless, I am glad today and that is because collectively, we are finally acknowledging something that has, for the most part, been disregarded.  Let me clarify by saying that I am not happy about the state of the country, but then again, who is? I am not happy about the people who have been hurt today. I am not happy that Trump has normalized hate. But I am happy about the people speaking up today. I am happy that at the protest taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia today with "white nationalists" has been re-dubbed to being white terrorism. I am not happy about the existence of white terrorism, or of any terrorism for that matter.

Names I've seen on Twitter:

-Radical white supremacist terrorism

-Radical white terrorism

-White domestic terrorism

-White national terrorists

This might be hard to hear for some while others will be less receptive and logical and opt to just getting pissed off, but these people are good old fashioned home-grown terrorists. This is not a peaceful protest and they likely went into it knowing that it wouldn't be because they went in armed. You don't rev and conjure up what is essentially the modern day KKK for peaceful purposes with weapons to merely express your opinion.

Trump had his many stabs at Obama for not "naming the enemy" but that's because the man had poise and knew the harms that labels could do. But for a day, let's hold Trump up to the same standards. Will he admit that an angry person driving through a crowd of people who counter his views is an act of terrorism?

Terrorism is an act, one that should not be and does not refer to Islamic extremists alone. Hateful acts, no matter what skin color or race of the person committing them, is still an act of terrorism and extremism. It is, ironically enough, not as black and white as some wish it to be.

Personally, I don't think terrorism should be specified, whether with "Muslim terrorism," "white terrorism" or what have you but we're beyond that now because society chose to associate the word "terrorism" with Muslims. Terrorism of any kind should be condemned and if it weren't for all the hate against Muslims, specification wouldn't be so important right now.

I also want to address this "You will not replace us," chant. Firstly, yes, we will. I don't mean this in a malicious way, I mean it matter-of-factly. I just wrote an essay about the importance of diverse characters in school assigned readings and while researching, I found that according to the 2015 United States Census Bureau report, more than half of the children in the U.S. are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group by 2020. Think about it, what kind of world do you honestly want these children to grow up in? I don't believe it's one filled with hate, I honestly don't.

If you want a glimpse at how discrimination impacts children, I highly recommend you read this post: Jewish in America: Explaining to My Daughters That People Hate Them Who Have Never Met Them

So, although some may not like it, encountering more racial and cultural diversity in our day-to-day lives IS the future. You either change with the times or get eaten. Or something like that.

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  • With all due respect to your comment about getting with the times or being eaten not being malicious, those are words that clearly show that you judge first the color of a person's skin and not the content of character. You place types of people into groups and do not allow for the individual. You are guilty of the same tactics your claim to abhor.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    I was speaking more so from an evolutionary standpoint. When you have been hated for so long by people whom you've never met, it's hard not to adopt some of that same mentality. I can admit that I am guilty of this at times but hope I'm quick to correct it. However, it was certainly not my intention here.

  • In reply to Mahjabeen Syed:

    Don't let his projection distract you. It's classical deflection.

  • In reply to Mahjabeen Syed:

    Hatred is a learned response. Have you been "hated" by populations you do not know? If so, how do you know?

    It is assuming that there is institutional "hatred" seething in the hearts of people who are different than you and only waiting for a chance to raise up and strike is a terrible way to live.

    I have lived in countries where I am a minority, and I can tell you that there are haters of all types. Some hate because you have more money or have a different skin color or are a different religion, but these people are a small subset. I endured comments by POC when they forgot I was around, but it was infrequent and ignorant and only a very few. I am sorry you believe all white people are seething in hatred. Or rather I hope you don't.

    Be open. Judge individually.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    You're putting words in my mouth at this point. I am clearly condemning white supremacists and white terrorism here just as I am condemning terrorism of all kinds. Nowhere do I state that I believe "all white people are seething in hatred," because that is so very far from the truth. You are, of course, welcome to voice your own opinion but please don't speak for me.

    Thanks for reading.

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