Fun tips to get you through finals with some hair left

Fun tips to get you through finals with some hair left

I have been negligent of my blogster for a couple weeks now and I am sorry, finals have been brutal! Rather than continuing on with a long rant about how finals have been cramping my style, I thought I'd make a list of things that can help you like they have helped me, to get though finals week without pulling all of your hair out. I hope you have at least a few strands left like Homer Simpson. Share your own if you have something that helps!

1. Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach. Most of you probably already know this but if you're anything like me and often rush out the house to make it to class on time, all you have time for is to grab a cup of coffee and go. Throughout the past fifteen weeks, I have not learned my lesson. In fact, yesterday was the most recent time I did not learn my lesson.

I have not been a coffee drinker for like ten years and don't particularly have a huge tolerance for it on an empty stomach so, when I do have a cup, I get all jittery, and sweaty, and fidgety. It helps me stay awake and it tastes so freaking good and it's Autumn and I can't say no to pumpkin so I can't stop myself. But I thought I'd be nice and tell you not to do it. Because it's hard to concentrate on class discussions/lectures when you're wondering if last nights garlic alfredo is seeping out your pores.

2. Have sex. Not during class or in the class but some time during that week or heck, maybe even everyday. You need to de-stress and sex might just be the kind of release you need. If you don't have a significant other, you do have your hand of course....don't worry, I won't tell. Also, if you're trying to kill two grandmas with one shot (if you've seen American Pie: The Naked Mile you get what I'm saying, if not, go watch it because laughing is a de-stresser too), you should be on top. You can get in your workout that you've been neglecting due to finals and have your release at the same time if you're on top. You lose about 144 calories by being on top per 30mins..I just know these kinds of things.

3. Beg someone to give you a massage. Hopefully, you won't have to beg. Hopefully, someone who loves you dearly will be happy to give you a massage without taking a chunk out of your wallet. You could line the back of your shirt with kibble if you have no humans on hand and have a heavy enough dog. Just saying. Not that I've actually tried this...

4. Eat chocolate and drink tea and hide the junk food. When we're stressed, it's really easy to start stuffing random foods into your mouth that you aren't even hungry for. Step back before you do that, assess the situation and drink a cup of water, half the time you're not even hungry just thirsty. Drink some tea to calm you down and you'll have something that you can constantly hold onto instead of that bag of chips. I added the chocolate because it releases endorphins which, if I've learned anything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, gives you the feeling that you're in love. Chocolate makes me feel good, just make sure that you haven't just had a huge argument with your beau and that the phone is far far away. It may cause you to be the first to apologize and lets be honest people, we all have too much pride for that.

5. Set time limits for activities other than studying. I watch TV while I eat, it's a habit I have had for a while and once I sit down, I often end up sitting attached to that screen for hours. Don't do that. Set a time limit for yourself like watch it for an hour or even just a half or till you've finished eating. Don't try to cheat by eating super slowly because in essence, you're only cheating yourself. Your brain and eyes, especially if you're looking at a computer screen, need the rest but get in and get out. Sometimes when I get into a funk, I just ask myself, "Am I going to remember this episode tomorrow or even think about it?" Most of the time it's a no and it helps you to turn the TV off. You'll learn discipline that's beneficial for the long run.

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