Two origin stories about The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Two origin stories about The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Soooooooo. I've realized that I like to start many of my posts and journals with the word "so," like you guys have been waiting to hear about the nonsense I have to tell you. Sooooooo, here you go! I have been hearing a lot of random facts and theories and a lot of them are funny, interesting, and totally plausible so I thought I would share them to expand your mind and impregnate your brain cells.

A history of Chicago course I am taking has made me very interested in The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and its origin and since ChicagoNow is a Chicago blog, why not share and discuss it? These would probably be a lot more thought provoking if you were drinking, or rather buzzed, hmm maybe drunk, yes drunk. Sober or not, Here are two fascinating origin stores for The Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

1. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was blamed on a one Mrs. O'Leary and her cow but primarily Mrs. O'Leary (because come on, no one is really going to blame a cow when all is said and burned). It is said that her cow kicked a lantern over that started the ginormous blaze. However, the reporter that took down her account of what happened admitted to making up the entire thing as to create an interesting story. It could also be because she was an Irish Catholic immigrant who were not welcomed nicely in America in that epoch.

2. Continuing with the topic of The Great Chicago Fire, another story suggests a man known as Daniel "Peg Leg" Sullivan caused the fire. Why is he called "peg leg," you ask? Well, he had a freaking wooden leg that's why! I wonder if he was a pirate....anywho, apparently he was heading to the bar and was drunk when he himself knocked over the lantern that lit the barn on fire. I don't know about you but this is all sounding rather preposterous. Probably because he had a peg leg, why couldn't he just have two legs? Ay caramba.

But really, it doesn't matter who did it because the destruction would have always remained just the same. This i an image of what the blaze left behind. Chicago really is a fighting city.


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