National No Bra Day? No Problem, Brah

National No Bra Day? No Problem, Brah

Wait, today is National No Bra Day? So let me get this straight. You're telling me, that i don't have to wear a bra today? Well shit honey, you don't have to tell me twice!

The first e-mail that i read every morning is the daily bulletin from ChicagoNow with tips and neat blog post ideas. Imagine my surprise when i stare at my phone sleepy eyed and still partly drooling that today is National No Bra Day. Could it be, i thought to myself. Could it be that the world really needs to create a special day out of the year to give me permission to not wear a bra? Apparently so. The fact that i will not be judged as a hippy-hooker for not wearing a bra today and letting my little ones breathe and slide where they may does sound rather appealing. So, like Barney would say in How I Met Your Mother, challenge accepted!

I've always thought that bras were annoying. I mean, they have wires and poke your ribs and some have gel that make people think that you have really nice boobs when really your boobs will never be that perky. And what about deceiving yourself and the people who are interested in you because of your nice rack only to be disappointed when the strap comes undone and there's not much that gravity can take away. But scratch that bit. I don't think the majority of women wear bras for men's viewing pleasure. I think it's a habit that has become part of the norm like wearing underwear; something no one wants to really do but it's hygienic and deemed icky and peculiar if you don't.

But why is it so important to pick out a mere day out of the year to go braless? We should be able to go braless whenever we want. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of this day is and neither is Piper Weiss who discusses and questions the reasons why today is National No Bra Day in the article below.


Piper brings up good questions and points; is it to reignite the act of burning bras from the 60s? To support the fight for breast cancer? Or is it a celebration of independence? No matter the case, i suppose it's like any other small not printed on calendars holiday. You can choose to participate or not. I'd like to think that i can go braless whenever i feel like it, but i'd be lying. Wearing a bra has definitely become part of the norm and were created for these very reasons; it minimizes movement, hides the nipples for modesty reasons, provides proper distribution of the weight by supporting them, and because they give women an overall better appearance.

A woman named Mary Phelps Jacob was the first to patent the bra or what was then known as the brassiere and i think the creation of it came with good intentions. However, i also believe that it came with wanting to appear more modest and desirable.

Whatever the case may be and as this post has progressed, i feel that in modern day America,i shouldn't need to be told that it is deemed okay for me to not wear a bra today. It is okay for me to not wear a bra whenever i choose and those that think i'm weird can just suck it (not literally) and those that want to ogle can just...ogle and be stared down by me!

I just hope there are no other weird holidays in the making like no briefs or boxers day.

There are somethings that no one really wants to see hang out.

Just saying.

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