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Grimly determined to create Happy Holidays

ChicagoNow’s Evening Blogapalooz-Hour!Here is tonight’s challenge:“Write about something you believed as a child or in your youth that turned out not to be true.” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Growing up, I was sure I was going to be The Best Christmas Mother Ever. I would be baking seventeen kinds of cookies to share... Read more »

Word to the Mothers

Blogapalooz-Hour Challenge: “Write about something in your life you’d like a second chance at” One thing? I’ve got an hour (well actually 40 minutes, because I was making school lunches when the 9:00 start time hit) and I can only write about a something I get a second chance at? What about the 999 others?!... Read more »

Running Down a Dream

ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-Hour!: “Write about a time you worked very hard in your life at something.” I’m not an athlete. I’ve had the “it only happens in movies” experience of being picked by default for sports teams, crossing the finish line of a cross country meet dead last, and feigning injury through the entire volleyball season in... Read more »

As We Wait in Joyful Hope

I am a lapsed Catholic. A bad one, even. I have a daughter in Catholic school, which I hope will mitigate some of my scourge, but truth be told as far as I’m concerned she is there more for the small class sizes than for the Catholic education. I was raised Catholic, however, in the... Read more »

College Mad House: A Spectrum of Emotions

I used to say that if my oldest graduated from high school and was able to enroll in college I would shout it from the rooftops. In reality, thus far most of the shouting I’ve been tempted to engage in is not of the celebratory variety. Case in point: the night before Luke’s first class,... Read more »

It's a Mad World: Travel with Teens...and Their Parents

Summer vacation. When I was a teenager, if it existed at all it was comprised of fighting with my siblings over who had to sit on the spare tire in the back of the un-airconditioned van. My father, ever mindful of making the most of cargo space, removed the last row of seats. In his... Read more »

Exercises In Fertility: If I knew then what I know now...there would have been more dancing

Fertility treatments are decidedly unsexy. Sure, there’s lots of nudity, discourse about intercourse, and exposing your nether regions to interested parties, but still has the effect of making one feel like hunkering down in baggy sweats and getting intimate with no one other than Ben, Jerry, and/or Jim Beam. My husband and I engaged in... Read more »