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Grimly determined to create Happy Holidays

ChicagoNow’s Evening Blogapalooz-Hour!Here is tonight’s challenge:“Write about something you believed as a child or in your youth that turned out not to be true.” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Growing up, I was sure I was going to be The Best Christmas Mother Ever. I would be baking seventeen kinds of cookies to share... Read more »

Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past are Present

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I’m sure primarily because it marked the halfway point of the endless marathon of time between Halloween and Christmas, but even as I aged out of the Santa system it remained intrinsically special. The parade, the prep, the gathering, the tryptophantastic nap in front of the... Read more »

A Moment Captured

Blogapalooz-hour: Write about a time somebody made you feel special.  Well shoot. How lucky am I that I’m sitting here trying to whittle it down to just one time? I’ve spent the last ten minutes playing a greatest hits montage of lovely moments where someone has, by word or deed, given me that gift. When I... Read more »