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I'm Looking Forward To Watching Oprah's Documentary Regarding 100 Black Fathers

Oh, Lady O! I love it when you tackle topics and issues that people as a whole does not want any affiliation with. I remember vividly when she invited Klan members and other white supremacy organizations to her show, as if that would make their racist viewpoints against blacks any different, especially when our beloved... Read more »

My Three Days Of Taking A Break From Quarantine Was A Real Treat

Since I fit the criteria of being quarantined due to the coronavirus, I’ve had the pleasure of going out three times since it began in March of this year. People with lupus or other underlying conditions such as diabetes and those over 60 years of age should really obey the ordinance of staying indoors until... Read more »

My Son Is In For A Rude Awakening If He Thinks He Is Going To Live Off Of The Fat Of The Land While He Is Out Of School

My son Kameron, who has autism, thinks he is going to be living on Easy Street because there is no school for the rest of the year. He don’t have the concept but I’m sure that he knows that something is going on, and that he should be out of the house by now. I’m... Read more »

Is This Coronavirus Pandemic Making You Bitter Or Better?

In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it is safe to say that everyone was on edge and angry that we had to be confined to our living quarters. As time goes on, speaking for myself, being in quarantine is making me a better person. I’m becoming a person with better patience. I’m learning to... Read more »

Let's Not Forget April Autism Awareness Month 2020

Let's Not Forget April Autism Awareness Month 2020
With the coronavirus pandemic pandemonium going on, it’s easy to forget the other important things and people in our lives. For example, April is Autism Awareness Month! Unfortunately, schools and other centers are closed that would otherwise promote autism awareness throughout the month because of the virus, and rightly so. Meanwhile, for those who don’t... Read more »

The Coronavirus May Have Us In Isolation But So Did Being A Bad Kid So Relax

As we know, this Covid-19 pandemic is hitting everyone worldwide. Medically of course, economically, socially and who knows what else is to come. As far as the isolation and social distancing aspect, I think about my generation when we were punished. We were not allowed to go outside for days at a time until our... Read more »

If You Don't Get Sick From The Coronavirus, Worrying About It Will

There’s an old saying that what you think about, you bring about and that is so true. It is exceptionally true when it comes to illnesses. The coronavirus is real and it should definitely be taken seriously. There’s a lot of paranoia surrounding it, a bit too much, but to each its own. Those who... Read more »

Sunday's Soul Food: Jimmy Swaggart's Crusade Classics

Today is March 1st and it’s such a beautiful day. I know it’s a teaser with Chicago weather so get out and enjoy the day if you can. For some reason though, I woke up feeling sort of irritated. Not on the wrong side of the bed but a little miffed. It’s Sunday and every... Read more »

Dear Oprah: Gimme Yo' Frames When You Done Wit' 'Em

I had to be a little ghetto in my speech when it comes to asking Oprah for her eyewear when she’s done with them. While everyone else is listening to her words of wisdom (me too), I’m looking at how sharp Lady O’s frames are! In the 90s, I used to work in an eyewear... Read more »

Black People: Let's End Black History Month By Getting A Physical

First and foremost, I thank God that I haven’t been in the hospital for a lupus flare lately. With lupus, I found myself in the hospital practically every year because I was always suffering from something that triggered the terrible symptoms lupus caused. For example, stress is a major factor to avoid if I don’t... Read more »