Sunday's Soul Food: Jimmy Swaggart's Crusade Classics

Today is March 1st and it's such a beautiful day. I know it's a teaser with Chicago weather so get out and enjoy the day if you can. For some reason though, I woke up feeling sort of irritated. Not on the wrong side of the bed but a little miffed. It's Sunday and every now and then I'll catch Jimmy Swaggart's Crusade Classics and Kameron and I will watch that in the wee hours in the morning. Kameron loves music, any kind of music and Swaggart can sing. I just love to see him cry at the end which is the highlight of his program. Classic.

Today's message was filmed in 1984. I forgot the title but Swaggart charismatically touched on how systematically the media, entertainment and the political industry affects us, especially our children. He also mentioned how secularism in the United States plays a big part on how America is ruined, without the help of terrorism and other evil plots brought on by other countries.

As Swaggart spoke, my mind went back to 1984. I was in high school and was definitely a product of what he was saying, as far as being sucked into idolizing certain actors and musicians. I truly did not hear the voice of God at all and was not interested in going to church. In fact, my mother is a Christian and was trying her best to get me to convert in those days. I rebelled and she took away all the fun a teenager is supposed to have. If it wasn't for my father (who wasn't a Christian), I wouldn't have worn pants or been able to go to prom.

Anyhoo, as they say, "Everything old is new again." I'm a Christian now but my way of talking to people or running my household is totally different from the mean and aggressive Christians whose every words are "You can't do this" or "You can't do that". I made sure that my older son Kevin had a great childhood and an even better teenage life, all while I am a Christian. Of course there were some dos and don'ts but it's a way to express it. Most of the time Kevin wasn't interested in some of the things his peers were doing which was God's gift to me being obedient and doing things in the right spirit.

Key words: Being obedient and Doing things in the right spirit. Classic.

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