Black-Owned Lakeview Development Center Has A Delightful Bunch Of Children

Black-Owned Lakeview Development Center Has A Delightful Bunch Of Children

This past Monday morning, I had the pleasure of reading my book The Adventures of Kameron to a delightful bunch of children at the Lakeview Development Center, located at 1531 West Lawrence Avenue. The invitation came from my cousin Dreanna Colvard (her dad and my mom are 1st cousins) who is a teacher and director. The owner, however, is LaShanda Simmons who's been in the business for 19 years but owned the daycare center for 7 years.

Reading and writing has always been a passion of mine so when someone asks me to do either or for the sake of children furthering their education or just for entertainment purposes, I'm on it! My love for reading and writing comes from the grammar school I attended (George Manierre Elementary). I remember my 4th grade class teacher having a segment in class called "Stop And Read" where we did just that--stopped what we were doing and read a book. Most of the time we would gather in a circle and each student would take turns reading a paragraph until the book was finished.

We didn't dare make fun of someone who couldn't pronounce a word or we would be in big trouble because we were there to help one another. In fact, the teacher we had passed out paper dollars to the good students, the students who made a difference in class. There was one boy who mispronounced a word and I told him the correct version of it. The teacher was impressed with me and gave me a paper dollar. We would gather the dollars we collected throughout the week to turn them in to buy candy from her. What a great incentive!

Being at the Lakeview Development Center brought back those memories. The children were so comical, delightful, and well-behaved for them to be kindergarteners! I also read to the preschoolers (children less than 5 years) and the center has infants and toddlers. It's a nice and cozy set up and very secure and I can see why the parents are satisfied with their children being there; the staff is very friendly and professional from what I noticed.

I'm most impressed at the fact that this center is black-owned and very successful. Although my childbearing years are over, this would be a great place to enroll my child if I lived in the area. For more information:

Lakeview Development Center

1531 West Lawrence Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60640


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