Write On: Today Is National Handwriting Day

I received an email from Microsoft the other day stating that January 23, 2020 which would be today, is National Handwriting Day. I'm not sure if it's their 1st annual or it's been celebrated all along; the only thing I know is that I've never heard of it or else I would have made a big deal of it.

Microsoft wants the public to give attention to typography, which is the art or technique to make written language appealing when read. This is done by using various fonts, line spacing and other selections you see when using Microsoft Word.

Back then, I remember when people used a calligraphy pen when they wanted their letters to look fancy. You still had to have a form of artistic ability to make it look gothic.

I still love to handwrite as I have journals all over the house. However, I do appreciate the fact that Microsoft Word offers the various writing techniques without the hard work.

For today, let's take advantage of handwriting. At least there's no National Penmanship Day, not that I know of because in the words of Archie Bunker my penmanship is "crappola".

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