All Black Fathers are not Deadbeat Dads

For starters, Happy Fathers Day to the men who have gone above and beyond for their children. Their children may be overgrown but these dads are still there, giving them sound and nurturing advice, and sometimes, a little cash if necessary.

The message I want to get across on this Fathers Day is that not all Black fathers are deadbeat dads. It's a massive amount unfortunately based on what I've seen over the years living in an urban environment. However, it wouldn't be fair to put all Black fathers in the same box. You have some Black fathers who choose not to do anything for their children versus the ones who cannot do anything for their children. Notice that I said choose and cannot. It's a total difference.

There is absolutely no excuse why a father or a parent in general does not provide for their children. Since we're talking about Fathers Day, I'll concentrate on that. Unless there's a situation that keeps a father from working where he cannot provide, again, it's inexcusable that he doesn't. I place deadbeat dads in the same category with an ungrateful person. Both are very annoying and make me sick.

For those who never experienced having a deadbeat dad in their life, congrats to them! I'm sure that having a Heathcliff Huxtable on their side has been very rewarding. Don't get me wrong--it's not about the money but about the time spent with your children. If a father cannot provide financially, at least show some interest or support their children in other ways to make up for it.

I come from an era where education wasn't important for some adults. To this date, I hold on to the memory of my mom or dad never coming to the school to pick up my report card. It may sound trivial but that meant a lot considering that I saw other parents come to get my other classmates report card.

I share that tidbit because more than likely there is a child or adult who feels that their dad could have least shown some interest in their school activities. Our parents are supposed to be out biggest cheerleaders and they can make or break our thought process and self-esteem. One thing is for certain is that regardless of the deadbeat dad, mom will be dependent upon. We look to our moms to feed us, nurture us, etc. This is why Fathers Day is the least celebrated and that some moms feel they should be told Happy Fathers Day!

So, the only accolade a deadbeat dad should get is that they helped create beautiful, talented children. Now, it's up to us moms to be the change we want to see. We have to or should respectfully tell our children who are products of deadbeat dads on how not to be.

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