What Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and I share in common

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their one-year anniversary May 19, 2019 according to the news. The thing we have in common is that it's been a year this date that I haven't been in the hospital! When they got married, I was in a hospital bed suffering from a severe case of myositis (muscle degeneration) derived from lupus, watching them on television.

It was a star-studded event, with Lady O (Oprah) being the first to arrive, looking for her seat. Unfortunately, there were no seating arrangements so I guess she went with the flow of things. I thought it was a beautiful service as well as comical as I noticed Serena Williams taking a little nap. Everyone loved the sermon, especially when Bishop Michael Curry took over.

Bishop Curry took everyone to church that day, leaving most of the attendees baffled and the ones who understood him inspired. Personally, I think it was a set up on Prince Harry and Meghan's behalf as I noticed they smiled at each other while the Bishop carried on. Most of the royals were clueless as Prince Charles hung his head down trying his best to ignore it.

Anyway, I'm very grateful to share an anniversary with the two lovebirds. Usually this time of season I'll have a lupus flare but I'm doing pretty well. I'm glad that I know when to take it easy as stress is my number one culprit for the onset of a flare.

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