I Treated My Autistic Son For A Much Needed Pedicure

I Treated My Autistic Son For A Much Needed Pedicure

Last Saturday, I treated my autistic son Kameron for a much needed pedicure. It would be his first one and I didn't know how he would react to it but I took my chance anyway. Autism is a developmental disorder with various spectrum levels. There was a time when many people thought that the film "Rain Man" starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman was the poster child for autism. I was guilty as charged as well until my son was diagnosed.

Kameron is 20 years old now and is non-verbal. He has sensory issues, meaning that certain sounds or abrupt situations may annoy him, causing him to have "meltdowns", where he hits himself in the head or head butts the wall or worse, me. On the flip side, he's insensitive to pain, as it doesn't bother him when he needs shots or blood drawn from the doctor.

There was a time, however, that getting his hair cut was very challenging because it required him to sit still for a period of time. This caused severe meltdowns to the point that we had to leave the barber's or I had to leave the shop and wait outside because as long as I was there, Kameron would really act out. I'm saying all of this to make a point--would he do this at the nail salon?

Kameron behaved himself okay to a point, just as long as I wasn't looking at him. I know that being his mom I may trigger some behaviors out of him by habit. Kameron wears many hats and knows how to act up and with whom. My aunt gave him the nickname "Clever" because of this; Kameron is very smart with this tactic!

Thankfully, the salon is across the street from where we live and it dawned on him. He started pointing at our building as if to say he's ready to leave. Then, he started hitting himself in the head but too late buddy, you're in the chair and the technician is going to finish! Overall, it was a great experience for him and as I mentioned, the pedicure was much needed because Kameron walks barefoot and I didn't realize how hard his skin became over the years because of it.


Now that he knows where the salon is, we'll definitely be back. Second challenge--his hands, maybe? Those need some work too!

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