I spend at least $100 per month on air fresheners to ward off secondhand smoke

Yes, you read it correctly--I spend at least $100 per month on air fresheners to ward off secondhand smoke. I have a neighbor who chain smokes and unfortunately there is nothing I could do about it.

I wish that smokers would understand the danger of secondhand smoke but how could they, when they don't care about their own health when they smoke? It's really frustrating to wake up to the smell of cigarette smoke as if it's an alarm clock. I complained to management about it and was told that as long as it's not marijuana I smell, they can't stop tenants from smoking.

Really? Why can't you enforce a rule of no smoking? Is it because you may lose tenants? Who cares--at least everyone will be able to inhale clean air. With our new governor J.B. Pritzker legalizing marijuana, should I expect a contact high in my near future? I live in a multi-unit building with people of all ages and disabilities of who I'm sure will qualify for medical marijuana because I'm one of them.

My lupus qualifies me for medical marijuana because of the chronic pain I have. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself, causing damage or potential damage to internal or external organ systems. Currently, I'm suffering from myositis (inflammation and degeneration of muscle tissue) because of it. The reason I don't want medical marijuana is because I don't smoke; and why would I, when I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke?

Anyway, I love my apartment smelling fresh as a whole but I shouldn't be forced to spend extra money on air freshener when I could buy food or other necessities. I have diffusers, plug-ins, gel deodorizers, and aerosols, which can be very annoying to keep inhaling especially when you have allergies. However, I'd rather smell the scent of something great coming out of an aerosol can than cigarette smoke, which is horrible when you have allergies.

You would think that the cost of cigarettes would make a person or have them consider to stop smoking. But as the so true quote of Emily Dickinson says "The heart want what it wants and don't care." So for now, Air Wick, Febreze, Glade, Jo Malone, and Renuzit have me in their back pocket.

It would be nice to have a rebate or coupon or freebie of sorts. To the companies who are reading this, I'm open to all three suggestions, by the way.

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