Sensory-Friendly "A Christmas Carol" returns at Goodman Theatre

Sensory-Friendly "A Christmas Carol" returns at Goodman Theatre

I'm delighted to announce that the sensory-friendly performance of "A Christmas Carol" returns at Goodman Theatre, Saturday, December 29, 2018!

My son Kameron (who has autism) and I had the pleasure of attending the performance last year. Words cannot describe the joy of parents and caregivers of those with disabilities who attended the performance, as the Goodman provided such a relaxing atmosphere.

Children and adults with autism usually have sensory problems such as dealing with abrupt loud noises and the inability to sit still for any length of time. Autism is a developmental disorder which limits the individual to engage in normal activities.

Goodman will provide a no-judgment atmosphere that allows the parent and caregiver the freedom and opportunity to cater to the person with the disability.

This means if your child or adult makes abrupt noises of their own (and usually they will), as a parent, you won't be stared at or looked down upon. If you have to leave the room, there are screens provided in the lobby area and you can sit out there if you'd like!

Tickets start at $15 and for more information, log on to

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