I never thought about my hair until I started losing it

I never thought much about my hair until I started losing it. Over the years, I've cut, colored, and over-processed it with various chemicals and entertained an unnecessary sew-in weave a few times.

When you lose your hair, though, those things mentioned cannot even happen because you have nothing to work with. Back then I was pretty confident that my hair would grow back after my experiments, and it usually would.

Fast forward, thanks to having lupus and menopause, my hair growth didn't come as easy as before. Lupus, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself, plays a part in potential hair damage or loss.

Menopause is the horrible fact that women loses the estrogen hormone which gave her the menstrual period in the first place. The menstrual period is now replaced with hot flashes and irritability and the hair is definitely not as lustrous as before.

During my recent lupus flare this year, I experienced a terrible case of alopecia areata. This form of hair loss is sudden and leaves bald patches in isolated areas of the scalp. This is also very common in a person with lupus.

I visited a dermatologist who gave me a few steroid injections in the areas I needed but for me, I couldn't stand the needles. In that same office people were getting Botox injections (maybe for migraine headaches) to stay youthful but again, I couldn't stand the needles.

Because my lupus flare became more severe that landed me in the hospital, the injections were in vain. I lost more hair particularly in the back and the rest of it became matted as if I was preparing for dreadlocks.

I never felt so hopeless that my hair would not grow back. It was so bad that my family members couldn't stand to look at me (my oldest son in particular) because they knew how my hair used to be. I was even nicknamed Farrah Fawcett in my day by a family friend because of the way I used to wear my hair!

Thankfully, as my body is slowly getting back to speed from the lupus flare, so is my hair. That's the thing about lupus--no matter how much you try to take care of what's going on the outside, if you're not healed systemically, you may as well wait it out.

I have no more bald patches but a hairstylist recommended a great product for hair loss and thinning by Nioxin. I have never been so excited about a hair product in my life! Because my hair is back to natural, I chose the System 2 kit. I miraculously saw improvement in less than a month!

I believe that if I keep using these products and continue to take care of my overall being, my hair will be back to how I desire it to be by Spring 2019. Until then, I've been taking advantage of wearing a couple of wigs and this new era we're in has a lot of nice lace-front wigs where you can't tell if they're your real hair or not.

Not that it's anyone's business anyway.

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