Why depression attacks us all from time to time

Depression is an ugly spirit that robs our emotions. It visits us at the most inopportune times. Depression is a feeling and it's not easy to snap out of for most.

Of course, depression is not okay but is normal. Don't think that there is anything wrong with you if you have the blues. There are many reasons or situations to consider when depression rears its ugly head:

  • Fall and winter months. Seasonal depression is common because the days are shortened as it gets darker earlier. The weather is lousy with rain or snow and there is not much sunlight. This is enough to get anyone down.
  • The holidays. The holidays can bring about depression because no matter how joyous the occasion is supposed to be, there are many homeless and others who are alone. The death of a loved one is a major factor because we miss spending so much time with that person. We miss how much joy they brought to our lives during the holidays and the holidays don't seem the same without them.
  • Having a chronic illness. Having a chronic illness or other incurable disease can be very depressing. It puts a total damper on your mood because it is a constant reminder that you can't do the things you used to do before you became ill. Your social life has changed because of it and it takes a lot of effort to get it back.
  • Loneliness. Singer Tracy Chapman has a song titled "Why?" with a verse that says "Why when there's so many of us are there people still alone?" Many of us can attest to being in a room full of people and felt alone and that is very depressing.
  • Finances. This can really be depressing when it seems that you can never get a hold on your finances. You're either stuck in a dead-end job or have no job at all.

The list can go on and on as there are so many reasons to be depressed. The good news is to acknowledge that you are and to seek help for it. There are free clinics if you cannot afford it.

When do get therapy, keep it up. If you're prescribed medication, by all means take it; it's obvious the doctor believe it may help. In this day and age, the stigma that you must be "crazy" because you're seeking mental health has been removed greatly.

Lastly, it's time out for caring about what people think when it comes to what's best for you anyway, right?

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