I'm spending my Black Friday digesting yesterday's food and deleting sales emails

While everyone is camping out somewhere to get deals on electronics and other nonsense, I'll be spending my Black Friday indoors like I always do.

Thanks to technology, I haven't shopped inside a store in years. Online shopping has done me quite well. Ironically, shopping online can be just as hectic because you're flooded with emails from retailers competing for your business.

Thanksgiving Day was typical--a boring day of football (for me anyway) as I slept while my gracious mom cooked the meal as she always does. The day was pretty calm until my older sister came by and made a little noise with a couple of her coworkers to make a few plates then they left.

Prior to this, I put my phone on silent because I have an annoying ring tone and didn't want my nap interrupted. I checked my email and didn't notice anything special but a few junk mail.

However, when my sister and her coworkers left, I made me something to eat; this was around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I looked at my phone to turn my ringer back on and lo and behold, there were at least 50 or more email notifications!

Of course, these emails were not from people wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. These emails were about Black Friday or pre-Black Friday sales and how I can take advantage of them now. Really? I just woke up and I'm hungry; can you give me a chance to eat before asking for my money?

Unfortunately, a few sales caught my eye and I gave in to them. Other than that, I spent the rest of the day deleting every email that came in advertising some grandiose, now-or-never kind of sale.

Today, I'll be doing the same and digesting yesterday's food. My bank account will thank me.

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