I wish I could rid the world of ungrateful people

Yesterday, on my Facebook post, I made a declaration: I am officially done with a certain group of people. I was sort of vague but at the same time letting the particular culprit know that I "see" them, with their snubs and oversights.

These people are the ungrateful people in my life, who I can now take 'em or leave 'em. The thing about ungrateful people is that they believe they are entitled. They're arrogant, uncouth and don't say thanks when goodness is extended to them.

In times past, I would make excuses for an ungrateful person's behavior. I would come up with everything from how they were raised to even what era they were born in. Bottom line, there is no excuse. It only takes a millisecond to say "thank you" to someone.

I take pride in the fact that I'm a generous and kindhearted person. I love to express it sometimes with gift-giving, without looking for anything in return. However, what bothers me though, is when the gift is not acknowledged.

For example, if I surprise you with something, I think the natural thing to do is to inbox me a message saying thanks. I believe it's very tacky for ME to contact YOU, wondering if you received your gift and you say, "yes".

This has happened a few times in this group and I'm done. As far as the culprit who snubs and overlooks me, I'm doing everything I can not to snap. This person obviously has nothing going for themselves and I have to be mature enough to see that.

I posted a question on Facebook last month asking what's worse--being selfish or ungrateful? Some said both but I made them choose one or the other because I believe there is a difference. Ungrateful won but not by that many points.

To me, a selfish person hates to give whereas an ungrateful person don't appreciate. An ungrateful person has a greater chance of hurting your feelings because you've put so much of what you've done into making them happy.

This is why I wish I could rid the world of them.

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