I'm very offended when asked if I want to leave a tip

You read it correctly--I'm very offended when restaurants and other entities ask or practically demand that I leave a tip after I use their services.

Last Saturday, I ordered some Chinese food at a restaurant I've been eating at for years. The location is convenient, the price is right, and I've never had any problems with delivery.

That day, my cheerfulness took a turn for the worse when the cashier who took my order asked me if I wanted to leave a tip. I told her no because I usually tip in cash. In all of the years I've ordered food there, no one EVER asked me that.

She further went on to say "I asked because the delivery person said that no one at your address didn't tip him and he was upset about it." Are you kidding me? Did I hear you right? I told her that's a lie in so many words but then it dawned on me that the restaurant was under new management. Maybe it was one instance where my son answered the door and didn't leave a tip (not on purpose) and it was his first day or something.

Anyway, that left a terrible taste in my mouth. When my food was delivered, me being the person I am, I gave the delivery man a tip anyway. Thankfully, it was someone I recognized. Not everyone left the business. I told him what happened and he was surprised because he delivered to my apartment quite a few times over the years and knew that wasn't true.

I have nothing personal against tipping as a whole. I get it. I understand that tipping is most of a person's salary. I used to be a waitress. I know how it feels to get stiffed after breaking your back for obnoxious customers only for them to either sneak out or leave the table a mess.

I understand that waitstaff would love to receive tips but tips should be earned by good customer service. I don't like the idea of restaurants automatically charging you gratuity fees. To me, that means that the waitstaff can perform lousy work and still get paid.

I don't like being asked to tip because it feels like I'm being backed into a corner. I don't like being pressured into doing anything. Give me a chance to make that decision. Usually I will wind up leaving a tip because I'm a generous person.

As far as this restaurant goes, I have to say goodbye. That delivery person had no right to complain because he already got paid to do his job. I didn't owe him anything else.

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