I understand Selena Gomez's emotional distress

I understand Selena Gomez's emotional distress

Singer Selena Gomez is currently being treated for emotional distress. It is reported that she recently had a lupus lab report of a low white blood cell count.

Gomez has lupus, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself. The immune system normally serves us by fighting off invaders that would cause inflammation and infection.

A person with lupus has an immune system that does the opposite. Because the immune system attacks itself, damage or potential damage may occur to internal and external organ systems.

Gomez has endured a lot in the past few years. In 2017, she underwent a kidney transplant due to lupus. This is highly common. She has also had episodes of chronic fatigue which is another highly common symptom among lupus sufferers. Pain in the joints and muscles is the biggest complaint with most lupus sufferers.

These things are enough to take an emotional toll on Gomez, as lupus sufferers experience this all the time. I totally understand how she feel. Having lupus is very isolating as it puts a damper on your social life. You have to say goodbye to a lot of things you used to do physically.

Having lupus is an emotional roller coaster because when you do your labs, you're on pins and needles wondering how the results will come out. There is no doubt that Gomez got depressed when she heard the result of her lab test.

Thankfully, however, I'm glad that she recognized that she needs rest and mental health. These things are so important that I cannot stress it enough. I remember when it was suggested by my rheumatologist that I see a therapist. I thought I didn't see the need for it but I'm glad I did. I was depressed and didn't know it!

The media would love to embed our minds that Gomez's depression stemmed from her break-up with Justin Bieber. Trust me--Bieber is the least of her problems, although her heart may have been broken. I'm sure it's tough for Gomez dealing with lupus because she's so young, another emotional let down.

The thing I hate most about this is her celebrity status. With this comes contracts which could care less about lupus. Managers, agents, etc., are still looking for her to fulfill them, sick or not.

Meanwhile, Gomez needs to focus on getting better. That means following doctor's orders, keeping a tight inner circle with those who has her best interests at heart, and by all means, she should stay off of social media. That totally has the potential to bring her down emotionally.

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