CPS Transportation is HORRIBLE when it comes to special needs children

There--I said it! Chicago Public Schools Transportation System is HORRIBLE when it comes to special needs children! The system has no regard for these children who are accustomed to being picked up everyday around a certain time.

This is not my first bad feeling rodeo with this system. However, today is a mess because my son's bus company dropped his route without notifying me or the other parents, for that matter.

Of course, I'm outside with my son at the scheduled time in the wee hours of the morning because he's one of the first pick ups. Daybreak is coming and I call the company to see if there's school today. Yes, there's school they replied but your child's school has been taken off the route last Friday.

Are you kidding me? Why weren't we notified? The part I hated was that I was told so nonchalantly! Now I'm fishing around trying to see what bus company has my son while he's having a mini-meltdown! Not cool on a Monday morning!

In a way, I'm glad that this particular company is not picking my son up anymore because I had a brief scare with them. For one, at the beginning of the school year, they didn't drop him off curbside which is the obvious thing to do. In my neighborhood that is a must because of the constant cars and bicyclists unwilling to let passengers by.

When I picked him up one afternoon from the bus, my son spotted me from across the street. I don't know what the bus aide was doing but I think she was asleep. My son eluded the driver and the aide somehow and crossed the street into traffic! Thank God no cars were coming! My heart stopped as I had so many other mixed emotions!

I hugged my son and looked at the both of them who looked dumbfounded. I asked the driver where was the aide and he said that he had my son. I told him that wasn't his job! My son could have been hit by a car or worse! He was nonchalant saying that he thought my son would be okay by his side without assistance.

Of course, I called their supervisor and told him what happened. He straightened it out but I will never be the same after that. That bus company is called CARAVAN and I will be wary if I were you!

I think it's great that Chicago Public Schools has done another background check on its employees but they need to clean house on their transportation department as well. They need to do drug and IQ testing to get rid of the incompetent fools who are treating our special needs children less than human!

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