The Adventures of Kameron is a fun way for kids to learn about autism

The Adventures of Kameron is a fun way for kids to learn about autism

My latest book, The Adventures of Kameron, is a fun way for kids to learn about autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder with various spectrum levels. Most children or people with autism are non-verbal, displays aggressive behavior disorders (such as self-injurious and lashing out).

Autism is more prevalent in boys than girls and it's still a mystery where or how it originates. There are cases where genetics play a factor and some may suggest that childhood vaccinations (measles, mumps, and rubella) may be a culprit, though never proven.

The idea of The Adventures of Kameron came from my own son, Kameron. When he was younger, he displayed a lot of behavior disorders in public. This happened especially when his school bus was late or he had to wait in one spot for a long length of time.

At that time, there were two young children who would giggle at Kameron when he displayed his aggression on a continual basis. One day when I saw them alone, I asked them if they knew what autism is.

I explained it to them in layman's terms, assuring one young girl that Kameron is not going to hurt them after she mentioned that Kameron scares her. I later spoke to her mom who I had a good rapport with and told her what happened. All was well moving forward.

The Adventures of Kameron outlines what he experiences in a day. It teaches children that Kameron and others with autism are just like them, but function on a different level. Hopefully parents and children will become more enlightened after reading.

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