GREENLEAF returns with more hypocrisy than ever

GREENLEAF returns with more hypocrisy than ever

Season 3 of GREENLEAF started Wednesday, August 28, 2018. It airs on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and can be labeled as a guilty pleasure.

Greenleaf tells of a black family who owns and runs a mega church in the South. Like most mega churches, they are full of secrets with the leaders doing their best to keep them under wraps. This is the case with the Greenleaf family.

Religion aside, it's great drama. In fact, I could accept it better. However, when you have the pastors and other leaders in the church committing adultery and fornication (things mentioned in the bible that you shouldn't do if you're a Christian), this is where it becomes irritating for me to watch.

In fact, when you know the truth of God's word, just watching one episode will make you want to jump through the screen and choke everybody, because everybody from the pastor down to the secretary is not right.

What's grievous is that the type of behavior displayed by the characters in Greenleaf, will be or is considered normal by some if you just pray and ask God to forgive you. This is the message this show is sending.

The behavior of the characters in Greenleaf also can make a person not want to go to church. Some viewers may look at an episode and say within themselves that these people don't behave any differently than the people in the secular world.

So far, Season 3 has started out with a bang dealing with physical abuse, seduction, treachery, theft, and did I mention adultery and fornication?

I guess what's keeping me interested in this drama are the actors who are amazing, except for, in my opinion, Deborah Joy Winans. It's something about her that doesn't resonate with me. I guess they are trying to give her a role that doesn't suit her.

Oh well, I do have the choice of not watching. But thankfully, I know right from wrong and these characters are totally wrong--but great at it.

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