I'm so proud of my physical therapy progress

Today, since I've been released from the hospital last month for a severe lupus flare, I was able to take a shower. As you're reading this you may wonder why is this news. This is news because my lupus flare was very cruel to my muscles, leaving me totally dependent on others.

Taking a shower would not have happened if it wasn't for the physical therapy sessions I attend three times per week. Of course, it was excruciating in the beginning as is other exercise regimens. The pain I experienced was so grave that I could hardly get in and out of bed, something that we all don't give much thought in doing.

Not only that, I was unable to reach over my shoulder or over to my nightstand without being in pain. Being in this situation really had me down in the dumps because I'm so used to being independent. I'm a single mom of two autistic sons with my younger being totally dependent upon me for his needs. I literally have no time being on my back.

Thankfully with my doctor's prescription, I was able to sign up for physical and occupational therapy sessions at ATI Physical Therapy. The staff is truly engaged in making sure that you meet your goals. What I love best is that the environment is totally relaxed and of course, the massages I receive each session.

I'm not where I want to be but stepping into my tub for a shower is a big accomplishment, considering the shape I was in before I started therapy. There were a few occasions when I didn't feel like going but I had to snap myself out of it. The motivator is to get back to my independent self. The reality is when it comes to taking care of my family, no one is going to do it better than I can or at least the way I would want them to.

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