Eustachi device to the rescue

Eustachi device to the rescue

Since being released from the hospital in May of this year from the result of a terrible lupus flare, my son Kameron (who has autism) brought home a nasty cold from school.

My immune system is already weak because of lupus and Kameron's inability to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes made things worse for me.

Thankfully, Kameron recovered from his cold quickly but left me with it. For two months I suffered from head congestion. My biggest problem was clogged ears.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook for remedies and they told me things such as pinching my nose and blowing (the Valsalva Maneuver) and using sweet oil.

Unfortunately, none of that helped. My doctor prescribed antibiotics that gave me diarrhea so I stopped that immediately; I'm already a walking pharmacy with my lupus meds.

Last week for some reason, I started researching natural ways to solve my clogged ear problem. I came across this Eustachi ad and decided to give it a try.

Lo, and behold, my problem was solved in a matter of seconds! I couldn't believe it! This device blows a stream of air into the nostril and as you swallow, you feel the relief as your ears pop.

The Eustachi device is a bit pricey ($60) but well worth it. It's great for traveling on a plane, swimming, and of course, clogged ears from having a cold or congestion.

I'm usually a sucker when it comes to buying new gadgets and have spent lots of money on useless things. However, the Eustachi device is a great investment that I see using for a long time to come.

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