The roughest part about having a lupus flare is the physical therapy afterward

After having several lupus flares over the years, the roughest part about them is enduring the physical therapy afterward. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself.

When this occurs, there may be damage or potential damage to internal and external organ systems. Each flare is different but people with lupus have the same testimony of stiff and achy joints and muscles.

My latest flare started in January this year leading up to May. I started having severe pain in my joints and muscles but little did I know that I was losing muscle mass. I couldn't perform simple duties we take for granted like dressing , climbing in and out of bed, reaching overhead or standing from a chair.

This is where physical therapy takes place. I had to relearn all of these things. I also have occupational therapy which teaches fine motor skills or to gain the use of your upper body. In this case, I feel like a child in preschool learning to reach when either placing or taking down things on an above-shoulder level.

This is my second week of outpatient physical therapy. I attend it three times a week and the exercises are tough. What motivates me to keep my appointments is that I want to get back to my independent self. I have a household to run, two dependent sons, and I just want to feel better overall.

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