Listening to Heart's "Barracuda" for my estranged sister's birthday

Today is my estranged sister's 54th birthday. I'm not mentioning her name so I'm sure that mentioning her age won't matter. Anyway, every year for her birthday, Heart's "Barracuda" comes to my mind because that was her favorite rock group and song.

She is probably not aware of this tidbit. She's just a few years older than me and before she became estranged from our family, she would listen to radio station WLS. Whenever "Barracuda" was played on the air, she was really into it.

I won't get into the details of why she became estranged but now that I'm older, I do understand. Now that I'm older I can appreciate that she had her own identity. Her identity would definitely fit in "today's" society, where anything goes.

She was rather eccentric or mature for her time. She didn't conform to the stereotypes black people were under, by each other or other races. She didn't really have any friends but if she did socialize, they were people not of the "norm".

We attended the same high school--I was coming in as a freshman and she was already a senior. It was the punk rock era. She wasn't living at home and I really don't recall where she was staying. I would see her in the halls at school but she wouldn't stay still enough to say hi or converse with me.

This was the last youthful memory I have of her. There are some family, friends, and people from the old neighborhood who would have sightings of her currently, as if she's Elvis or Big Foot. When they do see her, it would be the usual report of her acting weird, or whatever.

Whatever her status, people know to keep their distance. They know not to approach her in a disrespectful manner because she is so-called crazy enough to pack a powerful punch. I do recall her being very aggressive and unpredictable but today's label would call her a schizo.

Schizo, or not, she's my sister and I've lost out on a slew of years getting to know the adult version of her. She's practically a stranger but I still think of her on her birthday. I wonder if she still listens to Heart?

Maybe I'm the weird one.

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